Pepsi /Diet Pepsi/ Pepsi Max 1.5lt 4 for £3.00 @ Morrisons Instore

Pepsi /Diet Pepsi/ Pepsi Max 1.5lt 4 for £3.00 @ Morrisons Instore

LocalFound 16th Dec 2017
Pepsi /Diet Pepsi/ Pepsi Max 1.5lt 4 for £3.00 @ Morrisons Instore

Just been to Morrisons Rogerstone and they have a large end of aisle display for this so presume it's national . £1.00 a bottle or 4 for £3.00 which works out just 75p per bottle. Not showing online but they don't seem to have the 1.5lt bottles online anyway
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V good
Hot, 50p per litre is what they used to charge for it.

Same price per litre as Iceland, but this is in more manageable size bottles.
Stock up for crimbles
If you don't like the 2 for £3 Iceland 3L deal you could always take this one up if you have a Morrisions nearby.
Is the cherry one included
It now looks to me that these were 3 for £2 in Morrisons (where available) from approximately 7th December for up to about 4 days, so the current offer is a price increase. 3 for £2 was displayed at Morrisons in Speke on 7th December evening at any rate. I think they went to 4 for £3 the following Monday. I had one of the products scanned at the till in another store, which was not showing any multibuy on display, on that day and three of them scanned at full price - obviously I did not know I should be checking four and I suspect four would have been the new higher priced multibuy price that seems to appear when the products are rolled out to more stores and they seem to put the prices up!
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