Pepsi Max 1L Bottle at Tesco Express - 67p

Pepsi Max 1L Bottle at Tesco Express - 67p

Found 9th Nov 2009
I'm not 100% sure on my pricing, but trust that it is around this. I bought this today at Tesco Express at the Station in Sidcup (Kent), in comparison, the price of the 500ml bottle is £1.01

Can anyone else confirm this, whilst a small deal, nationwide or not would be nice ;).
I'll be going by again tomorrow so I'll check if the deal is still on and find the dates and also probably take a picture.


morrisons have this on for 50p at the moment if thats any help to you

seen these on saturday at my local tesco express so must be nationwide.

This offer is on for at least another 2 weeks and is nationwide.
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