Pepsi Max 2 Litre only £2.45 @ co-op

Pepsi Max 2 Litre only £2.45 @ co-op

Found 5th Jan 2015
Absolutely cracking price for 2 litres of Pepsi Max! Best buy this by the crate as I think this will sell out like hot cakes! Grab them while you can!!!

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Why is this a good deal?

Take it this is a joke post

Tesco £1.98 buy 1 get 1 free

Cheaper anywhere, expensive

Are you for real? COOP is a complete rip off!

It's humour!! Some people just don't get it!

I thought I would comment and say not even funny joke

You must be on something a lot stronger than caffeine...

Don' think op is serious. Can't imagine anyone thinking this is a good deal, surely nobody will pay £2.45 for a bottle.
I'm guessing the Co op is probably gearing up for either a BOGOF or Half price deal on this product later this month . they can then claim it has been sold at the higher price, common supermarket trick.

Good price for rip off Coop

I do love these!

Sorry, can't stop, just dashing to Co-op before they sell out!

load of trollop

ha ha ha

This is always 99p in farm foods so even Tesco and
asda occasional buy one get one free for £1.98 offers are a rip off

colder than cold from coldville [in winter]
and not even remotely funny I had to waste my time again
on so called jokes cos I'm to nosey,,,,,,,

I would not pay more than £1 for any 2 litre bottle of fizzy pop... Period!

Mugs will pay that for a bottle. I refuse to pay £2 for 2. £1 for 1 is the most I'll go.

haaaahaaa how cheap gonna go & empty my co op now before theres none left! & 10% student discount

I managed to pick up two for £4.90 the other day. Bargain. Thanks op.

I've had this before I think a fuzzy brown liquid , works out £1.22.5 per litre absolute steal for me ,
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