Pepsi Max 24 pack £6 @ Morrisons (Verwood)

Pepsi Max 24 pack £6 @ Morrisons (Verwood)

Posted 9th OctAvailable: South (Dorset)
Morrisons Verwood. Pepsi Max 24 pack for £6.
25 pence per can, about as good as it gets.

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£5 in Iceland
elliott31609/10/2019 17:57

£5 in Iceland

I agree ! £4.99 in the Food Warehouse, so £6 is not as good as it gets, sorry !
21p a can is as good as it gets!
Like others I came to say I got a pack today for £4.99 in food warehouse but looks like I was beat to it
Morrison’s showing £6.50 reduced from
£8.50 offer till 05/November and Iceland showing £6.50 too was this a national offer or just selected stores
Still £4.99 in Food Warehouse by Iceland today. But they often have cheaper deals than a standard Iceland store
And if your the other side of Dorset, Budgens in Sherborne also have 24 cans at this price I noticed today.
thanks for posting op got some from Morrisons this morning as its the nearest shop to me
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