Pepsi Max Bottles 500ml ....19p each

Pepsi Max Bottles 500ml ....19p each

Found 8th Aug 2007
I popped into Netto (Westerhope Newcastle upon Tyne) and they were selling Pepsi Max 500ml bottle's for 19p a pop (pun intended) not sure of this is just a local or National deal !!

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All about the same deal!

so are there only 8 of these bottles for 19p ??:oops:

Sometimes when I start clicking, I find it hard to stop as well....

Good Price - Farmfoods usually sell these 3 for a £1

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Wasn't me guv honest !!!
Don't know what happened but I only submitted once with SINGLE click !!!
Saying that the network I am on is a bit weird and sort of stutters and resends due to connectivity problems, sorr ADMIN a bit of clean up required
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