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Posted 26 November 2022

Pepsi Max Cherry/Lime/Original 24 Pack x3 + Skittles Bag £19.64 @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

3 for £20 deal available on pepsi max cherry and lime, plus other drinks are available

Some packs are also 5% off when buying 4 items so a bag of skittles will reduce the cost to £19.64

Other additional items are available at 99p to reduce the cost, this is just an example

Skittles amazon.co.uk/dp/B086CD6B5G
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Thanks OP

    So to get this straight, the Amazon deal is any 3 of the listed items for £20 (3 of one item is fine).

    3 of the Pepsi Max Lime would cost me £28.50 but I can have them for £20.

    Once in my basket, I get offered the contingent deal of 5% off 4 products from a new list of qualifying products.

    I add the Skittles at 99p bringing the total to £29.49 (5% of which is £1.47)
    At checkout it doesn't discount to £20 first then add the 99p, then reduce by 5%.
    What it does is take off the 5% (£1.47) first then adjust the price of the drinks down to £20

    So basically the cost of the 3 drink items multiplied by 0.05 is how much you can spend if you want Amazon to pay for the fourth qualifying item

    This is £1.10 (incl. 5p off the Skittles) for the cheapest drink which is the 7-UP
    £1.47 for the Pepsi Lime, which is the most expensive.

    You can also choose, for free:
    Kallo Blueberry & Vanilla Corn & Rice Cakes £1
    2L bottle of 7UP, Free £1.15
    Ecover Toilet Cleaner, 750 ml £1.16
    Kallo Organic Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins 90g £1
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Bag, 95g £1.08
    Cadbury Caramilk Golden Caramel Chocolate Bar, 90g £1.25
    and for a few pennies outside Lindt Lindor Milk Bar, 100g £1.50
    Personally, I'm blowing the budget and going for this bad boy Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate Gold Bar, 300g £4.

    I did some more searching and found these items, which include a new low price champion (for those who just want the 5% discount and aren't particularly bothered about the free qualifying item).

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Chocolate Bar, 120g £1.25
    Box of 5 Milka Chocolate Chip Cake Bars (175g Box) £1.25
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Chocolate Bag, 40g 60p (Minimum of 3)
    CDM 95G FRNUT CHOPPED 22CA (Cadbury's Choc. Bar with Chopped Fruits and Nuts, 95g) 85p
    Milka Noisette Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar 100g £1.20
    Pack of Halls Extra Strong Menthol Action Sweets, 33.5g 75p
    Milka Happy Cows Milk and White Chocolate Bar 100g £1.29
    Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bar, 43g 65p
    Cadbury Twirl Orange Chocolate Bar, 43g 70p

    One of the 5% items turns out to be the pack of 24 x 330ml Pepsi Max Lime Cans £9.50 (£9.03 after 5p discount) (edited)
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    Just FYI it's 3 for £20 in Asda if you want it quicker
    It wasn't when I went yesterday. £10.50 for 1 pack.
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    Where do the skittles come in to play?
    Boil the skittles and coke together for a refreshing drink (edited)
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    I put 3 Pepsi and 3 Irn Bru extra in my basket and it came to a total of £37.45. Not sure how it worked out at that price but pretty decent if you are a bulk buyer like me
    Looks like its applied 2x 3 for £20 making £40 then taken off £2.44 which is 5% of the original £48.75 that it should have cost.

    To save a little bit more, and if delivery date isn't crucial, I would suggest getting it as two orders:

    The 3 Pepsi and Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bar, 43g 65p for a total of £19.30.

    and, the 3 Iron-Bru on Select & Save for £16.62

    For a total of £35.92. A saving of £1.53 (and a Cadbury's Twirl) (edited)
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    Wow, this is a good offer.

    Pepsi cola for me is the only cola that is remotely drinkable.

    Do not know what formula or the sugar alternative that they use, but it is good drink.

    I drink one or 2 cans a week to get the sugar rush when need in the office to get me going.

    Cheers for this.

    Check the label, there's "no sugar" in these Pepsi Max cans.
    Your "sugar rush" is probably a reaction to the chemical cocktail of artificial sweeteners!
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    Most of these 24 can packs are £7 all year round without needing to wait 1-2 months delivery because everyone suddenly thinks saving £1 buying 3 is a great deal 🤦‍♂️ (edited)
    £7.50 - £8 a pack, rare to see these £7 now
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    Still waiting 3 months for my order of 3 packs of these last deal
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    1-2 month delivery wouldn't bother tbh not sure what's going on with amazon,only got my order of Pepsi 2 weeks ago that was ordered in July!
    My recent 7Up order said 1-2 months but was delivered a week later. So looks like a matter of luck.
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    Don't bother - they've taken Pepsi off the list now.

    I ordered in June and was chasing them up until start of November for a delivery date for them to say "The price is higher now so it won't be dispatched". Pretty sure that's not right but either way - Amazon isn't what it used to be
    "The price is higher now so it won't be dispatched" sounds like you got yerself an idiot CS agent. Loads of us have been waiting months, and it seems to arrive, eventually.

    IF it said (at the point of purchase) "while stocks last" we could have been on sticky ground, but it didn't, we placed our orders on the understanding it was a PRE-ORDER, and I personally see it as a contract, but J H C, I had no idea this BS has been going on fer MONTHS.

    As you say, Amazon isn't what it was.
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    Good luck ive been waiting 3 monthes now for mine from Amazon....Its amazing how everone else can get the pepsi coke but Amazon cant...
    SPOT on, it's also amazing how this is still being "sold" by Amazon, given it's obvious LACK of stock, and as the backlog grows? I think Amazon are gonna need a bigger warehouse, just fer this..

    My order went in on Oct 4th (ETA Oct 17th-24 ) cancelled ON THE DAY, a few hours B4 due time.

    Delivery date 2 (Nov 9th-16th I believe) wasn't any different, delivery 3? took a while to be announced (OOS fer a week or so) NOW I have a 3rd date range, given as Dec 6th-Jan 10th, and the icing on the cake?...NO guarantee the 3 cases will be delivered to my door, a flat on the 1st floor (with lift) as Amazon favour dumping many deliveries fer this block IN THE FOYER, AKA "The POST ROOM" as we discover, eventually, when we randomly track, OR eventually get the notification "Handed to resident"

    I'm not sure about now, but these cases were also available fer NEXT DAY (if not same day) delivery, if ordered via AMAZON FRESH.
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    Any 3 for £20 in Asda, there's 24 different packs to choose from, and no need to wait 2 months
    groceries.asda.com/pro…537 (edited)
    And that's the queer thing.
    Everybody...just about EVERYbody BUT Amazon seems to be able to get stock. I could understand it if Amazon took the payment upfront, but I don't think payment IS taken, till it's dispatched, so why the hell keep "selling" what you don't have, and (it would seem) can't get
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    Nice find! 3 for £20 was a good deal but free sweets too 👌🏻
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    Thanks OP
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    I complained about the pack I ordered being late to c.s a few times and they gave me a £10 gift card
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    good deal if you want empty cans, had an order come recently from amazon delivered by DPD only a couple of cans intact rest were empty. DPD obviously knew as they wrapped the 24 pack in a package
    Mine were delivered by Amazon and had 2 cans taken out, it was during the hot weather so maybe the driver got thirsty
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    Might as well just get them from asda 3 for £20
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    Can't see pepsi on the link?
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    Only issue with ordering these speaking from experience is so often they dispatch sporadically one minute it's fine, next they are delayed, one turns up but the other two don't.

    Or worst case they don't show at all, and as good as amazon can be with stuff like this, I've had headaches having to prove that stuff is actually delayed past a reasonable date and they often play the it's definitely due tomorrow card.
    I concur, the Amazon deliveries of cates of coke is sporadic & unpredictable.
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    Never heard of lime pepsi. Any good?
    Could be could be, 7up Lemon and lime (sugar free) sure is, especially when the 4 pk was being knocked-out @ roughly 10p per tin recently, by Tesco
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    Thank you
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    Good offer, but will come in either 6 months or never.
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    I've just noticed the SKITTLES aspect of this deal.

    Expect Amazon to "break-up" the delivery. You'll get the skittles now, but the drinks SOME time..... in 2023? it's hard ter say, since they continue to "sell" what they don't have, so the BACKLOG of orders continues growing...fast
    Now you can't be suggesting that after you get the fourth item, you cancel the drinks. Because that might mean that you get it for free.
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    Still waiting for order from October
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    I ordered this as part of 3 for £20 in October and this is now 29th November - 16th December. They bumped the date back 3 weeks after after 3-4 weeks of waiting!
    Same for me, the date has been changed a couple of times and now expected by the 7th dec.. yet i ordered on 21st oct
    i cannot understand how they can keep putting these on offer when they cant fulfil the back orders from months ago!

    only reason i havent cancelled yet is because i used a £5 off so got them for 3 for £15
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    Dispatch in 1 to 2 months on the Pepsi.

    You'll get the Skittles first in a split delivery.
    Probably get charged the full 19+ for the whole order, then will be the same as every other Pepsi deal on here, a very long wait and a massive disappointment.
    Don't bother.
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    Last time i ordered 3, waited ages, 1 turned up, 2 were damaged so could not be delivered.
    Waste of time ordering.
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    Whats per can cost. Cba to do maths. Ta
    "cba to do maths" ... but you expect other to do the maths for you?! Thank you for your contributions to the forum

    At £20 for 3 packs, that's 72 cans (3 x 24 = 72) so 27.7p per can.

    At £19.64 for 3 packs, that's 27.2p per can (ignoring the Skittles).
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    Managed to get 3 for £15 dunno how I managed to get it but ordered 2 lime and the tango
    I've had that, confused the hell outta me.

    You place yer order (not fer this, an order in general) and yer get to "check-out" and there it is, a "promo credit" don't yer just love that when it happens.
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    Puts a whole new meaning into taste the rainbow lol, decent deal op heat added.
    Yeah, more like chase the drinks, or should that be the DREAM
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    thanks for the skittles
    Are they (the skittles) being delivered ahead of the drinks?, it's what Amazon tend to do.

    My (drinks only) order of Oct 4th is yet to be delivered (I'm currently on my 3rd "due date") and I'm often offered the option to cancel, but what if it were NOW (this offering) and I'd EATEN the skittles...and accepted an offer of cancellation how would that work out
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    You can add this too as well orange flavoured one
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    Can you get three different drink flavours?
    Any 3 from the link
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    Lime have gone. Not a fan of the cherry Pepsi max
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    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

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    Cherry pepsi max tastes like air freshener
    Or put another way

    I'm glad yer feel that way, less competition fer the REST of us, not that you'd notice.

    Seems like the mighty Amazon couldn't currently organise an an an erm Extremely good drinking session in a brewery by the looks of it Yikes, that was close, I almost said ...a term that is OBVIOUSLY on a list of naughty words (rhymes with hiss-up) well, what do y'all expect, I never said I was a poet

    Any better Mr Mod, Sir.
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    Still waiting on the 3 x 24 pack for £20 ordered back in September
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    1-2 month dispatch wait for 7up & pepsi. Not worth the wait
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    The deal might be hot (each to their own) but in order for it to BE a deal, it has to be DELIVERED, yet Amazon? do...not...have...stock, it's THAT simple, and that is/was the case BEFORE they tried to sweeten the deal with (in this case) bags of skittles.

    I ask you, what's the point of a promotional, if you DO NOT HAVE THE STOCK .
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    Delayed yet again in my email today
    Omg, if you delay me again they'll be getting both barrels!