Pepsi / Pepsi max fridge pack. - 10 x 250ml cans - £2 at tesco

Pepsi / Pepsi max fridge pack. - 10 x 250ml cans - £2 at tesco

LocalFound 23rd May 2012
I saw this offer at tesco express in selly oak Birmingham, there is another offer of 6 cans for £1.87 for Pepsi aswell, but this is the better offer.

Reduced from £4' not sure if it's nationwide

250ml not 330ml, as confirmed by plenty of other users.
- parpirate
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I saw these in my local Tesco Express yesterday but were for smaller cans, not 330ml.
I noticed an earlier post for smaller cans, but these were definitely the bigger cans
Thanks for the update. Good find!
when i was in tesco express today it was the 250ml cans.
I also saw only the smaller cans too.
Selly oak? Yesterday they were defo 330ml
Ok let's get the Pepsi vs Coke argument going.

Voted cold - am Coke man all day long.

(kidding about the vote - before all you nasties out there start abusing me...YES YOU!!!)

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Diet Pepsi is favourite, but love diet cherry coke too
In my Tesco it was 250ml% Didn't think they did a fridge pack in 330ml?
Got them at monkstown tesco express still not a bad deal.
Bought some earlier when I got home they were baby size wtf cold.
I'm going to have to pop to Tesco as I love my Pepsi and all the Aspartame in the Diet/Max versions of these make me I'll...

I do hope these are the 330ml versions, even so it's still not a bad price

You can get 330ml Fridge packs
these are definitely the diddy cans.

it still works out at 8p/100ml, which isn't bad for cans
Got the feeling that in the future this'll be the norm for can sizes
Still a price worth noting, but yeah, it's the small cans, already voted hot because I thought a UKHDler was smart enough not to include 330ml, unless it was indeed, 330ml. Please check your facts, amend title and it's all good, as I said, a good price none the less!

Asda doing 24 cans for £4 in another post.
Cold. £4 at my local Watford Extra
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