Pepsi Raw 19p per can @ Home bargains
Pepsi Raw 19p per can @ Home bargains

Pepsi Raw 19p per can @ Home bargains

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19p per can (150ml) cheapest I've found else where was about 60p each in superdrug. So this it 1/3 the price and makes it cheaper then normal pepsi. Is also lots cheaper then the asda bottles.


Never heard of this, is it nice?

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yeah, I think i'm more of a pepsi max fan but I like this stuff and my brother fills his fridge with it

The first mouthful taste nasty but it really grows and i like it

New to me too, will have to give it a try I guess

It's ok but not something I would drink lots of, it leaves a aftertaste in your mouth abit like Dr Pepper, good deal for 19p if you like it, Hot for the price.

this was posted a few months ago in fact home bargains been doing these at this price for about 6 months now

They have stopped making these so grab the last lot if you like them!!!

Does this taste like the Red Bull Cola?

never heard of it, what does it taste like?


never heard of it, what does it taste like?


If it tastes anything like Red Bull Cola then it tastes like death!

good price but rank, tastes a bit like pepsi mixed with dandelion and burdock.

cracking deal, prefer to normal coke and pepsi

although agree the red bull cola is rank

IMO, this is yukky. but no getting away from the fact, it is in fact a good price

its apple juice based, i hated it myself

stay away from this stuff
nothing like pepsi , just tastes wrong
Asda were selling the glass bottles cheap a few weeks ago

I think it tastes really nice. Everyone has different tastes though so not much point asking what people think about it as you will get lots of different opinions. Best just try it and make your own mind up, and for 19p there is no excuse not to.

I love this stuff. Shame if they have stopped making it.

But... 150ml? And people pay 60p for that? Not sure I will be rushing to my nearest home bargains (not that I know where that is) just for these, seems more like a standard cheap price than a hot deal.

This stuff is actually amazing, normal pepsi is rank! oO

How many times does this post need posting??
This must be the third time I have seen it.

This stuffs horrible, looks strange and tastes like the little red boxes of raisins!

I'm sorry to say that I've voted this deal cold. It's a good price and Pepsi Raw is great, from a glass bottle. I've tried it a few times in the cans but somehow it just doesn't taste right.
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