Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Pepsi Diet - 24 X 330Ml Cans - £6 @ Tesco (From 31.05.17)

Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Pepsi Diet - 24 X 330Ml Cans - £6 @ Tesco (From 31.05.17)

Found 30th May 2017
Cola Flavoured Soft Drink

7th June now £8.00…867
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£5 in asda atm
It's 25p a can which is pretty much the standard rate.
Decent price. They had cola 24 pack for £6.50 until recently. Best price I see is Asda 30 pack of coke cola for £7. 23p a can.
Costco currently 24 for £6, buy two get third for £2.40 ish (they advertise as get three packs for £12 exc vat)
I don't think I have ever seen Pepsi not around this price to be honest​.
About the going rate when on offer...but nice to know Tesco has it on offer atm. cheers op!

£5 in asda atm

Same. Bought a case today. I asked a staff member if there were any others, like diet/max, and he said the ones on the shelf (about 20 cases maybe) were all that's left. Also there were some max but they sold out. So maybe a little bit of a goose chase but there's definitely some out there.
15 for £3.50 in B&M at the weekend
About £7 is the "standard" price but it's one of those ones that's pretty much always on offer somewhere, you can usually get it for £5/6.

Fairly sure £5 at Asda is only in some stores so this will probably be the best price for most people (without going on a bit of a goose chase). Not voting either way though as it does get cheaper fairly regularly.
£5.50 in Iceland last week
£1 in pound shops for packs of 4, no deal here, standard price
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