Percol 'Black and Beyond' filter coffee 99p @ Home Bargains (227g)

Percol 'Black and Beyond' filter coffee 99p @ Home Bargains (227g)

Found 8th Apr 2014
Found yesterday at Trafford Park store (showing RRP of £3.99)

Best Before March 2015.
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Is it nice?
I don't think it is. It is strong but I did not like the flavour. Mind you I don't usually go for strength 6 coffee, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the brand.
I bought the beans for the first time from Tesco the other week and LOVED them. Saw this in HB yesterday and bought a couple of packets. Not quite as good as the beans, but lovely anyway. I mostly use a filter coffee machine, but this brewed up in an espresso pot on the hob is fairly close to heaven!! I like strong, jet black, bitter coffee, this doesn't quite hit the bitterness I like, but on strength its 10 out of 10 and for 99p!!??!! Heated
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