Percy pig biscuits x 9 £1.50 Marks & Spencer

Percy pig biscuits x 9 £1.50 Marks & Spencer

Found 13th Mar 2016
Percy Pig is an expensive addiction in our house so any opportunity to save money is celebrated!!

Was having an enforced walk round M&S yesterday when I noticed these. No doubt the rest of the world knew of their existence - but it never occurred to me that bigger packs might be available!

£1.50 for 9 is significantly cheaper than the £1 for 2 I've been stupidly paying from the cafe!
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oh the irony!
£1 in the outlets too.
Isn't this just the standard price? £1.50 for 9 biscuits isn't great value IMHO even though these are pretty yummy!
Nooo these are the only Percy Pigs


good find op, heat added
cold, not halal
These used to be £1 almost a year ago. I stumbled across them and bought a packet to sneak into the cafe. Bit annoyed when they went up by 50p but on the odd visit to our local big store it's worth it to keep the kids happy. They're quite tasty too!
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