Perfect Blue: Standard Edition Blu-ray £6.99 @ Zavvi

Perfect Blue: Standard Edition Blu-ray £6.99 @ Zavvi

Found 25th Sep 2015
£11.99 Amazon
£13.43 ebay
£15.99 Anime-on-line

I've put a trailer link in the first post for anyone that is interested and wants to see what it is.
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Bought this when it first came out, amazing movie
Great film; heat added. Still a little pricey for me to upgrade my DVD but that's because I'm absurdly cheap.
One of the first anime I bought on DVD, on recommendation of a friend. To be honest I didn't rate it all that highly and haven't rewatched it in at least 5yrs.
One of my favourite movies of all time. The movie world is a much sadder place after Satoshi Kon's passing five years ago. Heat.
Great film.
a fine price, great film!
Personally anime isn't my thing I watched the trailer twice and I haven't got a clue what the movie is about, Heat added for the price though.
Amazing film, one of my all-time favourites
great film one of my favourites too. great soundtrack as well.
its old video but some good editing it adds to the trailer
epilepsy warning…87E

Didn't like this too much myself. Never understood the fuss over it. It was trying to be clever. But without giving a big spoiler, I can't even explain how daft the premise is, and how insulting the conclusion is to the intelligence of the viewer. Might possibly have worked better as short instead of a feature. I remember the DVD version having a good interview with the director though. Wonder if it's on Blu Ray.

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If you like this be sure to check out his other films, I saw Millennium Actress just the other day, and Tokyo Godfathers is another great one. Very tempted to upgrade this to Bu-Ray
This was in the 2 for £12 for months, but heat anyway
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