Perfect Dark Zero - Limited Edition (Xbox 360), Only £4.99 Delivered @ Game

Perfect Dark Zero - Limited Edition (Xbox 360), Only £4.99 Delivered @ Game

Found 26th Feb 2009
Limited Edition Contents:

-In-depth behind-the-scenes video feature
-Exclusive track Limelight from San Franciscos DJ Kepi & Kat
-Unique Perfect Dark Zero Gamer Card Pictures
-Tailor your Xbox 360 experience with a Custom Perfect Dark Zero theme
-The first chapter of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector, Greg Ruckas amazing new novel set after the game.
-Perfect Dark Zero comic book Hong Kong Sunrise
-Collectable holographic Perfect Dark Zero Glyph card (9 collectable cards in total)

A secret war has begun between shadowy corporations bent on world domination. Joanna Dark and her father, Jack, are caught up in the fight for the planets future. A routine bounty hunting mission rips open a global conspiracy that will change Joannas destiny - forever.


Some "Limited Edition" if they've still selling them over 3 years after the game launched! :roll:

Good price, poor game.

Out of stock

Why are people voting this hot ? This game was awful when it came out as a release title 3 and bit years ago, do not buy it, it was awful then, it will be worse now !!!

Dont buy this if you want a cheap way to get acheivements - this is no king kong. I played this game for hours and even finished the campaign and I only have 10 Gamer Points for it.

£4.99 instore anyway. Cheap because of age and quility.
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