Perfect Steak Advanced Grill Pan System £19.93 at The Hut

Perfect Steak Advanced Grill Pan System £19.93 at The Hut

Found 19th Apr 2010
Perfect Steak Advanced Grill Pan System

Now you can enjoy the steak house experience in the comfort of your own home. Perfect Steak is the complete system that takes all the guess work out of cooking the perfect steak. Giving you control over the three Ts to perfect grilling; Temperature, Time, and Thickness. The centerpiece is a specially designed Non-stick Grill Pan with an innovative even heat distribution process, that includes a built in Temperature Gauge right in the handle of the pan. Add a state of the art, palm size, Digital Steak Pod, that precisely calculates the amount of time you need to grill your particular steak and you have the Perfect Steak System. Also cook fragrant fish, crispy chicken, perfect pork, heavenly hamburgers, crunching toasted sandwiches, and much more! How it works: Simply measure the thickness of your steak with your handy measuring stick, add that information to the Pod, key in exactly how you want your steak cooked, perfectly well done, exactly medium, or as Rare as you like it. The Steak Pod calculates the perfect cooking time. Just place in the pan and hit start. Your Steak Pod tells you when to flip it, when to take it out and when its perfect to serve! Set includes: Steak pan with integrated temperature gauge, Digital Steak Pod, Measuring Stick, Recipe Booklet , Silicone coated tongs, Chopping board and 4 x steak knives.

* Full control over Temperature, Thickness and Time
* Built in temperature gauge indicates ideal heat for cooking
* Digital Steak Pod ensures perfect timing for any thickness
* Free chopping board and 4 x steak knives
* Also perfect for fish, poultry, lamb, pork and vegetables


How hard is it?

1. Griddle pan hot
2. Brush steak with olive oil and season
3. V Rare - 1 min on either side, rare 1.5min on either side, med 2min on either side
4. Eat and enjoy

Best steak in the world...... BBQ

Next best is get a thick heavy cast uron pan, got mine for 10.00 from tesco, and they are amazing, they get so hot

You beat this post by 2p LOL!

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