Performance hooded ski jacket was £44 now £15 at M & S

Performance hooded ski jacket was £44 now £15 at M & S

Found 16th Mar 2010
just found this while looking at the marks sale,thought it looked a pretty decent jacket


NOTHING on breathability over 24hrs / grading of water repellancy.
In other words you may as well go out in a carrier bag if theres no accompanying details...
NAFF, don't chance it unless verified protection is supplied & advertised.
Parents (mistakenly) buy kids crud ski clothing (well it's only for a week & they grow so quickly as the usual excuse.
cold wet kids = nagging cold wet kids who wo't work hard on their ski-ing / boarding on expensive holiday = waste of time.

My nipper has had Orage gear bought cheap, sold high on flea-bay afterwards, stays warm all day can stay out all day (at the age of 6) ..or 5 in worst chamonix weather last season when everyone else on learner slopes disappeared, (5 hrs of snowstorms at town level)
..made her tough & excel at her sport so far.

heres what the M&S site "threw up" for that jacket, don't recommend you purchase!
Funnel neck
Breathable coating
Snow skirt
Taped seams
Zip and riptape fastening
Side, breast and inner pockets with water repellent zips
Inner waistband with popper fastening
Skipass pocket
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Care Instructions: Machine washable, tumble dry
Safety Warning: Keep away from fire and flames
Composition: 100% polyamide
Inside cuff
lining and wadding: 100% polyester
(exclusive of trimmings)

Whilst i understand where above is coming from i tend to think its a bit over the top. We started skiing about 5 years ago..started off with cheaper gear some off ebay some from places like H&M for the kids. Gradually built our gear up to better. The kids always were layered and never got cold. Best spend your money on very good gloves for children in my opinion. If you can offord better buy what you can but for most ski holidays i think this would be fine. Just remember layers of clothes and good waterproof gloves. But i do understand above comment just dont think everyone can always start off better. We did get some good gear off ebay like he said.

Thanks for the common sense reply. :thumbsup:
I must also state (that whilst not everyone will scour ebay for deals) we have had new & tagged high protection orage brand jackets & salopettes for this price, we are talking 10,0000 + breathability / waterproofing, tough materials that then allow for good use over the worst of the british weather back home too.
Don't get me wrong i'm not slating all things cheap, however to buy blind when you've coughed up on an expensive alpine holiday it can be a chancing yer arm scenario if you want to max out your time without blowing up at cold whining kids!

There are some ok deals on the likes of ALDI (german chain, so alpine environs & harsh winters) which have seen kids & adults adequately attired for the duration, however if you don't have a basic spec buy with caution, layering is fine (& a good idea) however ultimately you need breathability within those layers to regulate heat / perspiration & still be dry.
Just be careful out there folks ;-)

TK maxx is an excellent stating point for cheap branded gear but do check those labels, & remember snow (water crystals) vary day to day area to area, so higher levels of waterproofing & breathability especially if you are sizing kids for more than one trip.

Yes i agree just remembered we got some of our first things from lidl. Definitely worth looking on ebay especially straight after Easter i would imagine when people have returned from skiing and know clothes wont fit kids the year later.

Forgot to say, the other cheap brand we partly rely on is TOG 24, their stuff is cheap & well made, durable for a learner without breaking the bank, places such as boundary mills (if you are passing) we purchased (for our then 3 yr old a lovely pair of black & white camo bib salopettes for around £12 which came near to the orage in terms of quality.

(boarding since 1991 if memory serves correct, & witnessed allsorts of muppetry including 2 kids who got a cheap trip to canada, no snow exerience, ..or money, who then proceeded to try & learn to snowboard in jeans & uk street jackets in cold january Alberta weather. thank god I was able to point them to the local thrift store to get kitted out later that day having loaned em all my spare kit & lit up a couple of charcoal burners to keep them warm(ish)
This explains partially my possible concern I've lost count of the people (especially Europe) i've had to get off the mountains due to cold induced injury or lack of ability, ..luckily not needed to use the blow up leg & arm splints recently that I carry as part of my 1st aid kit.
Incidentally i'm JUST on my 3rd set of boarding pants in all that time from buying quality kit (at knockdown prices) bonfire (salomon boardwear) in the off season sales for around £60, replacing em due to getting fat & forty, not cos they've worn out, & have done a good few seasons in that time.

My advice!! Dont buy Dare2Be gloves. I just returned from Austria an stupidly took 1 pair of these gloves.

They fell apart on day one!!!!

Again, worth travelling to the likes of TKmaxx for snowsport gloves & mitts, being a tightwad I just "had" to replace my original pair of fishpaws, as i'd finally lost one on the slopes with my nipper carrying her skis ((grr))
the abrasion snow gloves often incur can be prety harsh, so look for double stitching "thick" layed materials & 3m thinsulate inners, carrying skis / board can start the wear & tear process off from day one, (thus heavier stitching needs) sharp edges & ice really take their toll on substandard handwear.
Buy good quality & they should be pretty much bomb-proof for many years to come.
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