Perfume multi-buy at Lidl- Madame Glamour "Suddenly" 2 for £7 (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle copy)

Perfume multi-buy at Lidl- Madame Glamour "Suddenly" 2 for £7 (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle copy)

Found 2nd Dec 2013
I didn't hear the interview (on radio 4), but I was told that a professional perfumier said this was very similar to the Chanel perfume. She said wouldn't be happy about receiving it as a gift, because it was so cheap, but she was going to go out and buy some for herself. Now it's on offer. Comments about the perfume can be read in an earlier post:…276
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I bought this for my darling wife last Christmas, when she'd asked for Coco Mademoiselle. I was in traction for a month.
At the risk of sounding a snob, if I bought my wife perfume from Lidl as an Xmas present, it would soon be finding its way into any drinks she would make for me
My mum bought me this last year just to try it. It's lovely, does smell like Chanel but doesn't last as long. Handy for work. Couldn't go wrong at that price.
Was down an got some an smells the same as my Chanel an fragrance last excellent buy but our lidl not 2 for £7 but still heat added
Ooooh! Chips Chilli Storm!!
Bought this for £1.50 a few months ago
The perfumier raved about it. She said she wouldn't give it to someone ( to be thought a cheapskate) but was going to buy one for herself. She thought it great value for money.
My husband bought this for me a few months ago after his workmate talking about it. It's lovely and bought a second bottle last week.
it wasnt a perfumer but a woman from the tv, channel 4, martin lewis show, that duded from money saving expert, i seen it a week or two back, not lucky enough to know what the original smells like to begin with
I've worn Chanel Mademoiselle for years and I brought lidl's cause of everyone saying about it being the same as Chanel. To my surprise it smelt almost the same so instead of wearing my £70 bottle every day I now use my lidl perfume. But im defo a fan of lidl's perfume.
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