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Perfumer's Choice No 9 by Victor 50ml - Fragrance for Men - Eau de Parfum, by Milton-Lloyd - £6.70 @ Amazon

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Top notes of apple, bergamot and blackcurrant are enhanced with juicy pineapple on an aromatic heart of jasmine and rose with rich, elegant base notes of warm amber, vanilla and oakmoss.

Really nice smell, similar to Aventus by Creed. Try out this small 50ml bottle for £6.40, which is 36% off the original price.
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  • LUXURY FRAGRANCE FOR MEN - Since 1975, Milton-Lloyd have earned an unshakeable reputation for award-winning, luxury mens perfumes without the luxury price tag. This fresh and sensual premium mens aftershave is the perfect scent for the sophisticated man
  • FRESH, SENSUAL AND MASCULINE - top notes of apple, bergamot and blackcurrant are enhanced in this perfume for men with juicy pineapple on an aromatic heart of jasmine and rose with rich, elegant base fragrance notes of warm amber, vanilla and oakmoss
  • LONG LASTING MENS AFTERSHAVE – Perfumer's Choice No 9 Victor comes with a 6 hour minimum guarantee. It is the luxury oils, blended at high concentrations that promises outstanding quality and long-lasting performance in this mens perfume
  • THE PERFUMERS CHOICE COLLECTION - a sophisticated collection of long lasting luxury mens fragrances by Milton-Lloyd
  • GENUINE MILTON-LLOYD PRODUCT – Milton-Lloyd works with the world’s leading perfumers, using the finest oils, blended at high concentrations to create sophisticated, long lasting, luxury fragrances. Every year, millions of people fall in love with Milton-Lloyd fragrances

A sophisticated collection of luxury fragrances by Milton-Lloyd. Created by the world's finest perfumers, this affordable collection promises outstanding quality, creativity and performance.

High concentrations of the finest quality perfume oils ensure you’ll the enjoy the fragrance on your skin from the first few moments to hours later. Expect compliments all day long.

A total commitment to prioritising the perfumery over the packaging and advertising to create affordable, luxury perfumes.

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  1. blissitt's avatar
    I've had 2 of these. Great smell but both stopped spraying half way through the bottle.
    waysqu's avatar
    Thanks for raising that. I've had 1 bottle and it worked fine. But I'll see if this next one gives me the same issue you had.
  2. JimDiGriz's avatar
    Its potent but it does smell synthetic. Gave mine away ages ago.
  3. LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    Creed aventus clone apparently never smelt it to know how close (edited)
    theodudhill's avatar
    It's pretty good tbf but as another user said the bottle stopped spraying after only a few uses
  4. mikeyboyo's avatar
    There's a Milton Lloyd No9 50ml here for £4.75! does anyone know if there's any difference apart from the bottles branding and packaging? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Gigasonix's avatar
    This one is perfumers choice and the one you found is essentials. I don’t know what either of them smell like (edited)
  5. kubek91's avatar
    Smells good but lasting max 1h.
  6. harry_green27's avatar
    thanks Op - just ordered - and still available at this price, though, I got it for £5.69 on S&S.
    waysqu's avatar
    Cheers for letting me know, I've put it back live now hope you enjoy it
  7. SebK's avatar
    List of ingredients

    Alcohol Denat. 67% V/V (SD Alcohol 40B)
    (Hydrofluorocarbon 134a,
    Butane, Isobutane, Propane)
    Parfum (Fragrance)
    D-Limonene, Linalool,
    Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol
    MrWhit's avatar
    Been wearing this for the last couple of years and haven't had to call the fire brigade once
  8. s1hal's avatar
    Got this and genuine Creed. Had more compliments about this.
  9. Andrew_K's avatar
    Europe banned the ingredient oakmoss years ago. That's why do many EDT & perfumes smell different or were dropped from the range.
    How has this still got it?

    Banning something because 1 to 3% of the population might get a skin rash from it. Br#ssels b#reaucry smh.
  10. elphantasmo's avatar
    Lasts ages, sometimes can still smell it on clothing the next day. Smells a lot like Creed Aventus, lots of compliments.
  11. Maxim7750's avatar
    Does anyone know if there is a clone of Ralph Lauren Polo the one that's been around for years with the green bottle and gold top?
    C3P0's avatar
    That's an awesome scent
  12. Satta_JATT's avatar
    1st bottle I purchased was fantastic, 2nd bottle a few months later did not have the longevity.
    T3SLA's avatar
    Exactly the same issue I had with the 83ml bottles.
  13. brownie83's avatar
    I have bought this twice in the last 3 months and have had 2 different bottle types but both smelt good and was worth the £7. Each to their own with smells but I thought it was good value.
  14. Dealmessiah's avatar
    I've got a few Milton Lloyd sprays, including this one. They're excellent.
  15. Molloy4U's avatar
    These are great. Bought 2 of these in past. Decent projection and longevity for a dupe of Aventis. Great office wear or gym wear strength - not something for an evening. Certainly worth the money.
  16. Bil.27's avatar
    Got the 83ml and the sprayer is still good. Very good clone (edited)
  17. freeminto08's avatar
    Worth a punt to use as a car air freshener
  18. haribo862003's avatar
    I was bought this as a present, think it was a 100ml bottle. I think the smell lasts a while. I've even been able to smell it when clothes gone through wash as well.
  19. rauca's avatar
    Europe banned the ingredient oakmoss years ago. That's why do many EDT & perfumes smell different or were dropped from the range.
    How has this still got it?
    redwavyline's avatar
    That’s apparently why new sauvage isn’t as nice as the original imo
  20. SJ01's avatar
    Aventus dupe
  21. xlxaiwa55xlx's avatar
    Smells good, the scent lasts a while but the bottle doesn't.
  22. Carim_Virgi's avatar
    This is really good, have purchased multiple times from ebay.. Normally more expensive.
  23. Myavatar's avatar
    This or Club Nuit Intense?
    Itsmenotthee's avatar
    That's a savage clone. Don't believe these are the same.
    The intense was good. Gave it to my boy as he really likes it
  24. Lolexp's avatar
    I’ve had a few of this company’s products before. They smell similar, some weren’t very close some were, but don’t last or project like the originals. I think there are better alternatives out there but then again they’re probably not as cheap as this.
  25. stezo2k's avatar
    This is a really good every day work aftershave. Strong as well
  26. leeebakeer's avatar
    I tried to use this but came out in a rash 😬 maybe just didn't like my skin.
    Poppin's avatar
    Someone commented in the post it has oakmoss which gives people rashes
  27. amarb21's avatar
    Bought this last time it went on offer and I think it’s decent but very linear and flat smelling especially if you’re used to aftershaves. I’d suggest Mont Blanc Explorer, although not in the same price bracket it is much more satisfying.
    Joefez's avatar
    Got to agree with the sentiment here. It's a great smell, but it's a one trick pony. The more expensive fragrances have far more subtlety and nuance. However, unless you are a frag-head, I almost guarantee you that nobody else will know. And I guess that's what it always come down to. No-one is going to smell you as much as you smell yourself (it's on your skin after all). So it's really about whether or not you enjoy the fragrance more than what others think of it. For me, the rate and volume of aftershave I use, I'd be bankrupt if I bought originals. But, I genuinely love fragrances, so I tend to have a mix of cheapies and originals to suit my mood and wallet. I think it's important not to overlook that some clones, in some cases, often surpass the original, though it is rare.
  28. srp111's avatar
    It's nice but scent only lasts several minutes then fades
  29. tautlenavo's avatar
    49699835-8wyny.jpgIsn't this better with 20% discount and 5% S&S ?
  30. Lulu1212's avatar
    Smells a lot like creed doesn’t last as long though (obv)
  31. sr_387's avatar
    no complaints at 6.70
  32. martinelsen's avatar
    very very good performing aventus clone - will get compliments but as many people have said this does not last long (edited)
  33. banana's avatar
    Received mine yesterday, smells okay but only laat for 30 minutes top
    Zabza's avatar
    Surely that can't be right? I thought EDP was supposed to last atleast 6 hours no?
  34. haribo862003's avatar
    When people say they can't smell it, do you mean you can't smell it or you ask other people and they can't smell it? I put on different aftershaves and after 30mins or so I can't smell them. You become nose blind I think the term is.
  35. Joefez's avatar
    Does anyone know if this has been reformulated from its previous 'Essentials' incarnation from Milton Lloyd? Or is it a simple rebrand?
    49722802_1.jpg (edited)
  36. Maxim7750's avatar
    I used to love Cristian Dior Extreme in the black and silver bottle has anyone ever found anything similar to that?
's avatar