Periodic table shower curtain £2 Asda Burnley

Periodic table shower curtain £2 Asda Burnley

Found 14th Apr 2015
Thought this was a good deal was £8 reduced to £2 in Burnley store
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If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?

H2O cubed

What we hope

...and the reality
that reminds me where did my periodic tables mug go?
'Au' deal can see your **** through it.

Edit: Argon and Selenium...
Way to ruin a joke, profanity checker.
Edited by: "fivegoldstars" 15th Apr 2015
would work well in healthcare...
I want one!

Way to ruin a joke, profanity checker.

You could try the compound, Arsole, instead.X)
This has all the elements of being a good deal.

You have done a noble job.
i wonder why these have been reduced in Burnley?
COLD. Never go to Burnley
there were some marked down at this price in my asda (Chorley) about a month ago
I was going to make a joke about Sodium, but Na
Nice, do you have to be geeky looking to buy one? Also is it a standard size, or different sizes?

Heat added OP, great price for any shower curtain.
Do they do a complete works of Shakespeare as well?
I have the periodic dinner table too.

Once every month my wife screams at me for forgetting to put butter on the green beans or some such.

Was it in a bargain bin or will it be nation wide?
You can work out what's in your Femwash ladies!
Agree with the cold for burnley! Haha.

They were on an end isle all reduced about 6 left now.

Think it's standard size & not see through as it's cotton
I want one of these, bet our asda doesn't have them though
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