Peripherals Price Plummet @ PCWorld (Say that 10 times fast)

Peripherals Price Plummet @ PCWorld (Say that 10 times fast)

Found 23rd Aug 2006
PCWorld have a sale on peripherals, so I thought I'd let ya know. There are deals on external hard drives, webcams, keyboards, mice and portable data storage.

Now I'm not saying these are all great prices, so I'm suggesting you price compare on the web before you buy, but I'm sure there are a few deals to be had in there somewhere. Please post if you spot any! (EDIT - check the forum thread for a few of the best offers)

Good luck!
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Thanks Emma - couple of deals that caught my eye:

]Logitech G5 - £41.99: not the best price but a bit cheaper than most online plus you can collect instore

]Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 - £19.99: I like MS mice, nice shape which is comfortable to use, this one is a few pounds more elsewhere

]Toshiba External Drive 250GB - £71.99 - this seems a good deal, these were listed on this site as a bargain at 80 quid just a few weeks ago. My brother has bought two of them, they're small for desktop hard drives and quiet

Thanks for those John. I added links to your post for handiness sake, hope you don't mind.

I agree with you about the microsoft wireless mice, I'm using the laser version of the one mentioned above, and it's one of the best peripherals I've ever bought. It's so comfortable to use and dead easy to navigate pages with, using the side button as the back button. I love it!

That's a great price for that Toshiba too, and as you say, the collect-at-store option is great, saves you on the old delivery charges :lol:
Thanks for putting the links in Emma, much appreciated.

I had that wireless mouse but had to ditch it because the smooth scrolling is no good for gaming sadly as you can't scroll through weapons one at a time - I'd flick the mousewheel to select the syringe in enemy territory then click in one motion to heal someone but accidentally choose the grenade and blow us both up

I'm now using the Microsoft Gaming Mouse - it's a wired laser mouse with a 'clicky' wheel, although Logitech are generally preferred for gaming mice I'm very pleased with this one. It's small and light, plus it works well on any surface so it makes for a great notebook mouse. Unfortunately it's totally overpriced at PCWorld for some reason.

This is a great price for this deal:


It's the package I am using: and I agree with what you say about the mouse when gaming, it can be hard to control weapons. Although I haven't been gaming as much recently, so we'll see how it goes when UT2007 comes out...!

I might have to have a browsing mouse, and a gaming mouse...!
Emma, that's great, I'm looking for a Wireless set - I think I've found the one!
Why do Microsoft hate us left handers? Is it just because we are in league with the devil and dance around Mac's naked at the Summer Solstice with Steve Jobs, or is it just because we represent about 10% of the worlds money?

Either way - the wonderful top end Microsoft wireless mice seem to be something M$ only tease us with by making their design 'strictly no golly handers'.

It's leftist I tells yer! What would Ned Flanders say????
Black Lodge - Anthrax reference?

Emma, that's great, I'm looking for a Wireless set - I think I've found … Emma, that's great, I'm looking for a Wireless set - I think I've found the one!

Definitely, if you are after a wireless set, go for that one. Highly recommended by me!

As to the left handers, I don't know what to say about that Black Lodge, maybe you should start training to become ampidextrous...!
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