Perixx PERIBOARD-701 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad    £27.99 @ amazon

Perixx PERIBOARD-701 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad £27.99 @ amazon

Found 5th Nov 2012
Looks a lot like the keysonic version which i have had for a long time now . Very easy to use with that familiar laptop layout that would make it great for htpc users or for people who just like to relax on the couch while surfing the web =) .

Wireless 2.4G Technology with 10 Meters Receiving Distance Build-in Touchpad with Control of Mouse Function
X Type Scissor Key Structure
Mini USB Receiver
4xAAA Energizer Batteries
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Looks good, thinking for my htpc. anyone used this?
I have the Periboard-716 and it a pretty nice keyboard to use. I would imagine this to be the same but I doubt it’s as sturdy as a Keysonic. I’ve had two Periboard’s and both have terrible range and are very flimsy & bendy. On the plus side batteries last forever and they look nice, touch pad is spot on too.
i use a keysonic and i have never gone wrong with it. ive never used one of these though.
Heard they come from Portugal.
Its the same base as the keysonic but with a different touch pad and a different usb connection that is supposed to be better than the keysonic . I,ll post up my experiences vs the keysonic when mine arrives
DO NOT BUY . I'm printing out the return label for mine at the moment as the mouse pad and left right click buttons did not work . Wish i could say that this was the only problem but it was not as there was no scroll wheel? only up down tabs at the right of the touchpad . The finish was also poor the keyboard is made of 2 pieces top a bottom like the keysonic but the join on the perixx is very poor with gaps and rough even sharp edges at some points even if the mouse pad had not being broken i would still have returned this . The only good thing i can say about the perixx is its lighter and imo looks a lot nicer than the keysonic
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