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perixx PERIMICE-517 Wired Ergonomic Trackball Mouse with 7 Buttons and 2 DPI Level - £21.99 @ Amazon
235° Expired

perixx PERIMICE-517 Wired Ergonomic Trackball Mouse with 7 Buttons and 2 DPI Level - £21.99 @ Amazon

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235° Expired
perixx PERIMICE-517 Wired Ergonomic Trackball Mouse with 7 Buttons and 2 DPI Level - £21.99 @ Amazon
Posted 12th May 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Ergonomic design offers a natural-shape platform for your hand to rest on comfortably. Using computer for long hours on a daily basis is the new norm for people, both work and leisure. However what comes after is major wrist pains, resulting from all movement back and forth across a desktop by using mouse.

Equipping with 34mm big trackball and 7 buttons, a full control of everything is within your fingers. Minimising the repetitive movements of wrist and palm will further prevent long-term muscle sores. Enjoy an effortless computer use from now on!


Glossy surface made by special coating technique, supporting high sensitive laser sensors and precise movement for all trackball mouse. One-click dpi button (400/1000) and scroll wheel with middle click, handy design for professional and everyday use.


Big plus for traveler and perfectionist who simply can’t stand a messy desk!

PERIMICE-517 can behave well and sit on any surfaces without running around. Trackball pointer control nature is proper and easy for any scenarios (workplace, vacation, or the softest pillow on your couch).

Easy to Clean

The trackball can be easily removed from the mouse bottom by a finger. For detailed cleaning instruction, please refer to user manual.


- 7-Button Ergo mouse: wired ergonomic trackball mouse with quiet clicks (left/ right// backward/ forward/DPI switches) and they work with the trackball simultaneously. Easy to switch the cursor speed with DPI switch buttons (resolution 400/1000)

- Natural Ergo Design: The ergonomic trackball mouse is for right-handed users; recommended to repetitive strain injuries RSI users and the users work particularly long periods on the computer. For example, office workers, gamers and internet surfers. The mouse helps to prevent fatigue in arms and tennis elbow

- Easy Navigation and Space-Saving: The surface on the high-density trackball is coated with special treated glitter effect providing users exceptional tracking and precision. Everything on the screen is within the reach of a small thumb movement without having to move the arm. And it saves your desktop space

- Trouble-Free to Clean: It is easy to clean if dust on the trackball effects the cursor movement. The ball can be easily removed from the mouse buttonhole by fingers or a blunt side of a pen. Either use a soft brush or a soft, lint-free cloth and gently wipe down dust from the trackball

- System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10; No drivers required, ready to use from the box; wired USB 2.0 interface; package includes: 1x PERIMICE-517; Limited warranty
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