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Persil 28 dishwasher tablets £1.69 - Bargain Buys/Poundstretcher Aldershot

Persil 28 dishwasher tablets £1.69 - Bargain Buys/Poundstretcher Aldershot

£1.69£1.9915%Poundstretcher Deals
Posted 31st OctAvailable: South East (Kent, Surrey, Sussex)
Posted last month in the link below in Newcastle but seen today in Aldershot well below the magic 10p per tablet rule at 6p per tablet.

No comment on if they're any good picked up a box today to use in the work dishwasher.

Link in on 'Get Deal' link shows at £1.99 so £1.69 is probably not national, however £1.99 for 28 tabs is still cheap.…873
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These can be used in a washing machine too, tried them & no problem to clothes..
These are really really good, bought on the last offer. I use half a tablet, as recommended by someone on this forum. Everything still comes out spotless.
I’m currently using these purchased from Poundstretcher and I’m impressed with them.
Aye the ones I Newcastle that I posted last month went up to £1.99 last week, so might have to pop back in to see if they've come back down,hope they have.
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