Persil Bio 50 washes £5.00 was £10 @ Morrisons

Persil Bio 50 washes £5.00 was £10 @ Morrisons

Found 16th Nov 2010
As per the title

Persil Bio 50 washes is £5.00 in Morrisons.
I picked up 2 boxes this morning.
Please be aware the Non Bio was still marked up at £10

Not of interest to me but the boxes also have 2 for 1 to various attractions
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5 pounds decent but no way would you pay 10

5 pounds decent but no way would you pay 10

I have to disagree if you check the competition Tesco is £12! or 2 for £20. Sainsburys £10.96.......Unless you mean you wouldn't buy washing powder unless it's on offer? And then I'd agree.
yeah i go to costco and get a 95 wash for around 8 pound so i prefer to keep to offers
any similar deals for non-bio?
Thanks for posting. Always best to buy it on offer!
what'sthe difference between bio and non bio?
I went to get this, went through at normal price (morrisons newcastle byker) £10something..

what'sthe difference between bio and non bio?

A biological washing powder contains enzymes which break down stains and dirt whilst in the wash. A non-biological washing powder does not contain these enzymes and this is the major difference.

Sometimes the enzymes may be artificially created so that they are more able to remove stains, particularly ones which are very deep and dried on to the fabric.

Some people with very sensitive skin may find it better to use a non-biological powder, although this may not be as effective at getting rid of stains !

In terms of the environmental impact, neither system is perfect. Whilst the enzymes contained in a biological wash powder may take longer to disperse within the environment, the temperatures for washing can be lower than for a non-biological powder. The non-bio powder could take a higher temperature to do the same wash, which uses more electricity and water and this also has an environmental impact.
many thanks
Didn't work for me either. Scanned at £10 at my local store.
I have just telephoned Morrisons in Binley, Coventry and they said it's not on offer there.
Hi I'm sorry that some people had trouble finding this offer last week, but it is still on and my local (Colwyn Bay) now has it as a special offfer promotion at the front of the store with a big sign.

It's worth checking if you have a local near you, last week it was just a normal price label on the shelf but this week it's heavily promoted so I'm sure its nationwide ( only the Bio again though)

Can someone unexpire it, please
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