Persil Non bio £5 @ Iceland & half price £5.5 @Tesco

Persil Non bio £5 @ Iceland & half price £5.5 @Tesco

Found 23rd Jul 2016
Lowest price in an year according to mysupermarket. It just shows buying washing powder at full price is such a "mugs game". Just buy and stock. For a small shop I would go to iceland £5. For utilising coupons/vouchers or clubcard points I would got to Tesco £5.5.
Iceland comes out 11p per wash and shockingly Costco is coming out at 16p per wash. Come on Costco you are supposed to be a wholesaler how can you rip off customers by charging 50% extra per wash for a wholesale quantity pack?…175
Have a nice summer of washing folks
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I'll stick to Almat at 8p wash...
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