Persil Non-Bio Capsules 38 pack (999g) only £4.00 at Asda

Persil Non-Bio Capsules 38 pack (999g) only £4.00 at Asda

LocalFound 31st Aug 2017
Picked up a good deal in my opinion. Only appears to apply to the non bio variety and not to the bio and colour capsules. Whilst Asda have rolled back the 22 pack of the capsules from £6 to £4, it also appears to have discounted the 38 pack to the same price (from £8). At just over 10p a capsule (and wash) this is the cheapest I've seen it. I do understand that people have posted the bottle which claims to do 40 washes for £4, but the 40 washes are only if you use the bare minimum of liquid and hence wouldn't be the case if you had a full load. One capsule in my experience is sufficient for a full load.

Not sure if this is a nationwide deal; i picked it up in the Isle of Dogs branch. However it wasn't a reduced to clear offer and was being advertised at the end of two aisles so it could be available elsewhere.
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These are £6 online and in my local ASDA.
Here's a copy of my receipt. I picked up some more yesterday as well.31861695-UXKxi.jpg
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