Unfortunately, this deal has expired 29 May 2023.
Posted 17 May 2023

4 x Persil Non Bio / Bio Laundry Washing /4 x Colour Protect 53 Wash - 4 For 3 - £22.40 / £20.40 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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Get 4 for the price of 3
also you get 5% extra discount for buying 4 automatically at checkout
£22.40 without Sub & Save = £5.65 Each

Or £19.20 with Sub & Save = £4.80 each

Amazon More details at

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  1. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    These expire and become less effective over time. No point stocking up
    shropshireboy1's avatar
    After about 2 years maybe
  2. affy's avatar
    I bought 8 worked out 3.18 each wicked deal
  3. MrMalisz's avatar
    13.40 with the 5 off for chosing a collection point. Also bio version gives an additional 10% off for some reason. Hope I won't get an allergic reaction as I usually try to use non-bio
    pinkmonkey's avatar
    Just tried that (collection) but giving me the same price of £19.20 (edited)
  4. mattclarkie's avatar
    Pretty useless stuff from my experience, failed to remove even the lightest stains and forget about shifting tea/coffee, worst it didn't get rid of the smell in the armpit regions so the clothes came out smelling unwashed.
    Aldi Almat is leagues better, the Lidl Formil is a bit meh but probably still better than this Persil one.
    Worst one by far is Waitrose, they might have reformulated it now but 5 years ago the Waitrose one was absolutely useless.
    Tryp's avatar
    That really doesn't sound like Persil, you might have to adjust the amount you're putting in or your washing machine settings. There's no way Persil doesn't remove any of that.
  5. j_jjj's avatar
    Thanks got 4 for £2.78 each
    DabsSB's avatar
  6. paul9999's avatar
    £11.12 for 4 for me - £2.78 each. No vouchers or savings btw..
    DabsSB's avatar
    You need to stock up more at that price.
  7. Dadbod's avatar
    Thanks OP. Picked up 4 for £17.60

  8. Deal_Executive's avatar
    £19.20 on all of my accounts. Not sure how other folk are getting it so much cheaper…?
    sparkzilla's avatar
    Same for me, but I still bought as less than my goal of 10p per wash
  9. shropshireboy1's avatar
    Just ordered 4 for £17.60 🔥
  10. greenik0's avatar
    £4.8 for me
  11. Vish1's avatar
    Got 4 for £11.12 on s&s
  12. alyharry's avatar
    Ordered, thanks…
  13. 123soleil's avatar
    Forget what I said I got it for £12.90 happy
  14. dealhunter33333's avatar
    mine worked out to be £3.18 a bottle. Cheers OP
  15. Wilfred28's avatar
    Got 2 bio and 2 nonbio for £17.60. Thanks
  16. hobbsie65's avatar
    Cheers op - just ordered 8 with s&s £22.24

    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal: £53.36
    Postage & Packing: £0.00
    Total Before VAT: £53.36
    VAT: £10.64
    Total: £64.00
    Promotion Applied: -£41.76
    Grand Total:
  17. Caffreys's avatar
    Bought! Great deal, thanks! 🔥
  18. kerrylouise1404's avatar
    Ordered thank you
  19. HeatherAnne40's avatar
    £4.40 a bottle for 4 bottles of non bio for me. Still much cheaper than anywhere else. Thanks so much OP
  20. Mr.Heater's avatar
    paid £12.xx for 4, great deal.
  21. hema418's avatar
    Working out £4.80 per bottle. Thanks OP
  22. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    £1.99 Lidl own brand. Same product  (edited)
  23. newbie68's avatar
    Odd prices your getting - best I can see is £4.40 each (buying 4 on S&S). Must be vouchers offered to some - but can't see on any of my accounts
    affy's avatar
    Yeah that's what I'm thinking but their was no voucher on screen the only one I can think of was on hukd their was voucher early morning fir 40 percent of amazon brands I selected that so don't know If somehow that contributed to it
  24. team_a's avatar
    How are you getting these for that cheap??
    affy's avatar
    No idea but i will take it
  25. team_a's avatar
    Showing as £8
    newbie68's avatar
    You can get for £4 odds per unit - read the terms in the deal as to how to proceed. The lower prices mentoned beyond this is odd and must be including other vouchers or savings stored that they forgot about
  26. duke's avatar
    I usually apply vouchers for these,but dont order.
    Wonder if its saved the voucher on top of discount?
  27. Nfakkhan's avatar
    Showing only 1 for me at £8 not 4 ?
    YummaMumma's avatar
  28. 123soleil's avatar
    £8- 4 for £ 32:(
    sajidtg's avatar
    Have you tried to add 4 in the basket and then check price at checkout?
  29. Lloydinio's avatar
    Eugh I just got the other deal
  30. Flombard's avatar
    I've found this stuff leaves white streaks on black clothes. Not overloaded the machine. Could just be an iffy bottle I suppose
    del_trotter's avatar
    I had this, you're putting in too much detergent...
  31. Taylor05's avatar
    Which one smells the nicest? 
  32. mailtoafzal's avatar
    Ordered thanks 🏻
  33. sydney871's avatar
    Kirkland ones from Costco works out cheaper at less than 10p per wash.
    Nicolas's avatar
    Yes but do you really want to be in Kirkland
  34. Simon_Conroy's avatar
    Had this deal finished? Can't see it when I follow the link.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Persil Bio and Persil Colour protect still available.
  35. housenation's avatar
    Good deal, ordered @ £19.20. thanks
  36. Poospoon's avatar
    Non bio gone
  37. mittyon_'s avatar
    Can you cancel the subscribe and save right after placing the order ?
    sajidtg's avatar
  38. katw's avatar
    I just contacted Persil for the dosing ball but don’t do them any more
    anyone know if there’s a pod deal (edited)
  39. TypicalAsianFindingDeals's avatar
    Is non bio OOS?
  40. kpsagon's avatar
    Thanks OP! Just received them. Just a quick check, I am getting the weight around 1.2kg for 1431ml. Is this expected?
    mid_918's avatar
    No someone has taken some out. Should be 1.5kg or more
's avatar