Persil Non Bio Liquid gel 1.5 Litre NOW £1.25 @ TESCO

Persil Non Bio Liquid gel 1.5 Litre NOW £1.25 @ TESCO

Found 22nd Aug 2010Made hot 23rd Aug 2010
Persil Non Bio Liquid gel 1.5 Litre Only £1.25 @ Tesco

Still available in the harrow branch - last checked 24th August 2010


i always miss the bargins prob dont have any in my store they never do lmao good deal tho

is this just instore? online says currently unavailable.

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its available online.. just about to purchase 10 not sure about in-store??

showing unavailable? has anyone actually been able to buy???? COLD!! as doesnt seem to be available

these deals are never at my tesco...

as far as i know it ill be down to what stock is available,if its anything like the other persil deals,they will be on a price cut as the bottle size will be changing.....heat added for those lucky enough to get some

Non in Pontefract !!!! stopped selling that kind of bottle..

Non left online Must look to see if there is any in my store, like others I seem to miss these great deals

Will look if I'm instore.

Not available near me.

Get it while you can. I'm pretty certain this is being discontinued in favour of Persil Small & Mighty which in my opinion is nowhere near as good as the original Persil Liquid.

not in Sunbury

Not in Tesco Cheam Park Farm, Surrey!

where do you live ????


Not available near me.

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worked for me last night i placed an internet order !

I got the persil naturals 18 wash 97p got the last 6 bottles in bootle store


Good deal I tend to stock up on any washing liquid products when cheap I must have about 6 bottles under the sink already.

non in tesco durham
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