Persil Non bio tabs

Persil Non bio tabs

Found 21st Sep 2008Made hot 21st Sep 2008
The original
box of 48 tabs (24 washes)

Visited asda in Poole today (sadly in this fab weather) Boxes of the above found at end of appropriate isle Priced at £4.00 a box Normally 5.98 - priced in the isle at £2.00 per box.

bargain as did pay only £2.00 per box at check out.


excellent deal..gotta go and see if the ASDA in our area do the same deal..

heat added..

:thumbsup:Nice one

...also a nice price on the Persil gel tablets (24pk) @ £1 and Persil Tablets with comfort fc (24pk) @ £1:50 when ordering online for delivery. Delivery charge starts around £5...need to register to see how it applies to individuals i.e. delivery within your area? ...and orders over £90 are free.
I presume that the in store price on the 2 products I mentioned is the same price...I will check it and update tomorrow;-)

Great deal thanks for posting, heat and rep added:thumbsup:

Persil must be changing their design as Asda near me in Glasgow also had these deals on this morning and Sainsburys have 1/3rd off the whole range of Persil Tablets so something must be happening to the range i reckon....

Anyway the asda offer seems to be nationwide

My nearest Asda is a 50 mile round trip, but it might be worth the petrol if they have some of the £2 a box ones.…-f/

deal posted already but at at £3, still even hotter:thumbsup:

Can anyone confirm if this is nationwide please?:thumbsup: Has anyone managed to get any so far today?If not i will go and have a check here and post my findings!!lol
Lynne x

Got 8 boxes at Asda Leigh so must be nationwide :):thumbsup:
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