Persil Small And Mighty 60 Wash (2.1L) £7 @ Tesco

Persil Small And Mighty 60 Wash (2.1L) £7 @ Tesco

Found 10th Jul 2014
Thought this was good when I seen it


What size is this plz? Is it 1.4litre?

Sorry, just seen size by following link!

Not bad price this is it any good I always use surf and want a change

£2 in asda....reduced to clear

Saw it in sainsbury as well. It does wash rather well

I saw it.....NOT seen!

Good deal for the 60 wash.The bio is the best .

Good deal but why is Persil so expensive normally.

same price in sainsbury. ordered 2 days ago

whats difference between bio and non bio

Non bio is supposed to be gentler so good for babies and sensitive skin etc but in my opinion it's also not strong enough for cleaning effectively,I find that persil bio bumps stains out and you can apply it directly to a stain and rub in then wash as normal and it shifts it really well.
I wouldn't use anything else now.

Bought loads when it was on half price offer few months earlier at £6.
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