Persil Small and Mighty only £2 for 42 washes @ tesco

Persil Small and Mighty only £2 for 42 washes @ tesco

Found 14th Jul 2010
just been in store and picked up a 42 wash persil small and mighty reduced from £6.82 to only £2

couldnt believe my eyes, so i got 3 lol
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Not on line Which Tesco was it OP please
Can anybody else confirm this is at their stores
Please add seller in title!
great deal by the way

edit your post please put this into picture…jpg

and add Tesco to title

happy first post

Any proof OP ? Seriously doubt this.
One store not selling that size anymore ?
None in my local
Bloody good deal if its true but are you certain its the 42wash bottles???. I just paid £2 per bottle for the 20 wash bottles at ASDA, York
i'll upload my reciept pic but it just says persil £2 no size

and was in warrington tesco extra
I got this 2day as well in the Huntly branch its defo 42 washes. They also had surf liquid 18 washes for £1 reduced from £3.
yeah just picked this up at warrington also, its defo 42 washes and only £2 heat and rep left from me
Looks like a trip to my local Tesco tomorrow then !!!!!!!!!
Was this at the till or priced up too?
Lewes has em too also tesco own fabric softener was £1.90 now 90p at till large bottle
Brill was on 3.99 3 for price of 2 .. Time to stock up
£2! this is scorching if it's true less than 5p a wash
Good deal - hope its up here too in Edinburgh. Heat added!
Been using this stuff for ages and it's very good. Even at full price at about £6.80 it's still a good deal so this would be an absolute bargain.
I found one green bottle for 2 quid and the blue non bio for 3.42. Check the back of the smaller bottles that's where I found them hidden.
the green one is £2.00 and the other two are half price...if you cant find it in the main aisle try the promotion ends (middle aisle) as thats where the bulk of the stock should be

Bellshill has splenty in stock,although its flying off the shelves for obvious reasons lol
none in stockton store:(
Non bio £3.42 @ Lakeside Essex. Said 3 for the price of 2 on the ticket sell but went through at £3.42 each. Couldnt see any for £2.
Heat added,just bought the last eleven bottles from my local Tesco.Great bargain,thanks for the post
Just bought 8 bottles in the Carmarthen store-the persil is on the promotional isle, on the £4 shelf but is definatley scanning at £2. Possible glitch?
Complete wast of time at Oxford @ £5.99 a bottle.
Looks like they are stopping this size. None online at this size.

Just bought 8 bottles in the Carmarthen store-the persil is on the … Just bought 8 bottles in the Carmarthen store-the persil is on the promotional isle, on the £4 shelf but is definatley scanning at £2. Possible glitch?

no,its not a glitch,the new size bottles are £9.99...this is and end of line deal..some stores have already replaced with the new size as the old stock has already sold through.
I got it today up in Perth. There was no price label on the shelf so I asked for it to be scanned. Came up at £2. They had plenty on the shelves. Thanks OP.:)
I went to Tesco, Whitefiled.

Bought two bottles (42 wash) for £2.75 each.

Not £2 but a great deal nonetheless.
It was 3 for the price of 2 at the Kingston Park Tesco Extra in Newcastle.
Deffo £2 (they were priced at £2.97 which is good, but scan at £2) just got 4 bottles from Warrington Extra (if you go there, they are not in the main washing products aisle, they are on a bin-end facing the opticians or in the first main aisle facing the home aisles)

This is the bottle... (also has a 2 for 1 days out voucher attached !!)

Must check this out tomorrow!
non in stockton but we do have the daz liquid on sale at £1.99
I went down to surrey quays yesterday, there was one in the store, but it was for £3.48, not the price mentioned.
warrington had quite a few - thanks for that!! fantastic price
Just checked my local and all gone :-(
I did notice though that the new size bottles are only about £1 less BUT a massive 14 washes LESS in the bottle which i think is a bit of a rip off. The new ones on show where now 28 washes instead of 42 !!!
Gr8 deal if you can get it! Just popped into my local Tesco & picked up the last non- bio 42 wash @ £3.42 .....last of the old stock I think as the newer sized overpriced ones were out in force on the shelves. I've no idea who will be daft enough to pay the new sized ones price...bit of a rip off IMO!
scrap my last comment as they had put the wrong stickers on. the prices now say...
28 wash size...£4.99
54 wash size...£9.99
I used to swear by this liquid but i think now its too overpriced so will be trying something else next time !!!

Any proof OP ? Seriously doubt this.

I bought 10 bottles at the Weston Super Mare store at this price, so it is true.
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