persil small & mighty 1470ml x 2 @ tesco instore (84 washes)

persil small & mighty 1470ml x 2 @ tesco instore (84 washes)

Found 7th Sep 2010Made hot 7th Sep 2010
persil small & mighty 1470 ml bottles (42 washes)
two for six pounds
this was instore


Sounds good......will check with the wife....

IF you can get it. Sells out fast and not been able to get one.

There was stacks of this in Tesco Gorton (nr Manchester CC) last night. For the record I think the offer applies to bot the non-bio and colours. V. Hot

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thanks colliwag yes it was both colours & this was in the longton store this morning & they had shelves full of it

As an alternative, in Asda this week they have the 85 washes small and mighty, with Essential Oils Tropical Flowers & Ylang Ylang (3L) for £6.


This deals ends in Tesco tonight on the non bio! The colour and the bio one are £7 and don't seem to end until around the 14th so not quite as good but still ok.

Picked up some from Wigan, not with the usual stuff, on the end of the cat/dog food aisle opposite the checkouts, for anyone looking for some in Wigan

anyone know of any stock in NW london? (by the way the 'alternative' angryshopper talks about is Surf, which is bio)

Picked these up yesterday they had loads in my local Tesco
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