Persona 5 - Collector's Edition £74.99 @ GAME

Persona 5 - Collector's Edition £74.99 @ GAME

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Found 13th Apr 2017
Back in Stock now, great price consdering the standard edition is hard to find at RRP now
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Or if you feel like paying £199.99
And if you don't like the game, sell it to CEX for a £15 profit; £25 if you take trade!!!!
Out of stock
Showing instock for me, just ordered.

Or if you feel like paying £199.99

Its in stock at least oO
The launch edition steelbook is selling for the same price now, if you can get one of these go for it.. most likely be worth over £100 pretty soon.
The availability and the ridiculous scalping prices are in danger of overshadowing what a great game this, it's borderline masterpiece material.
I doubt the publishers ever expected it to be so popular, it's sold way more than 3/4 did in their first weeks.
Its still available
as ray mentions above - as of the time of this post - this deal is still available - it's a shame that it's been expired so early and as a result less people will see this deal

i ordered mine at 2.45am this morning and got a dispatch email today at about half 3 - i'm hoping it arrives in good condition as it won't be simple to just replace if it is all bashed up

i would add heat but the post has been expired :P
its not available, if you try and add to basket it says OOS.

its not available, if you try and add to basket it says OOS.

ahhh ok - fair enough

if people are still looking for it - just keep checking the retailers of it for a bit longer - that's how i spotted this deal the other night - i clicked the google link which initially indicated out of stock and then when i got to the website i was happy to see that it was in stock
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