Persona 5 (PS4) £29.99 used/ £34.99 questionably new @ Grainger games

Persona 5 (PS4) £29.99 used/ £34.99 questionably new @ Grainger games

Found 8th Sep 2017
This is as cheap as persona 5 has ever gone for. Hope it helps someone out.
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Game of the year
eraysor33 s ago

Game of the year

For me I agree 100%.
Hmm considering. Still got a sealed take your heart edition. Might sell that and get one of these.
Gamerofgames23 m ago

For me I agree 100%.

Almost Zelda beats it for me
"Questionably New" heated for that alone
Questionably new is a good one, ha. Perfectly sums up Grainger's definition of what 'new' actually entails.
Voted hot! Nicely worded description of Grainger Games never sealed so called new copies!
Hot. I ordered from Amazon last week (at £35.99) as I have some gift vouchers to use.

Delivery is only a month or two away, I can't wait.
Heat for the Grainger burn
Thanks, OP. Ordered.
how good are there used games?
Abosultely incredible game, only Destiny 2 has pulled me off this!
I've never bought a 'used' game from Grainger Games, but never received anything that looked 'new' from them. I've even had to send 'new' games back because included codes had already been redeemed.

Now I tend to think of all of their stock as used, they just charge more for better condition.
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I pretty much hated turn bases Rpg until I played Persona 5.
Used plus
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Damn, just as i finally bought the game last week. Wish i waited a bit longer. Heat added so others can see, this probably won't go down much lower considering it's Atlus game.
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