Persona 5 (PS4) @ Simplygames - £31.85

Persona 5 (PS4) @ Simplygames - £31.85

Found 12th Oct 2017
Other than pre owned copies I can't recall it being cheaper.
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Super cheap

Was looking at this today, can't believe it's still £50 in CEX and £47 on Amazon
That’s fairly holding its price.
Hot deal ... I’ve had this game for months still haven’t played it
Cracking price for an absolute gem of a game.
Tempted, but with Zelda:ABOTW still occupying my time and Mario Odyssey imminent, I doubt very much Persona 5 would get a fair crack of the whip.
Already have PS3 version, but ordered this one aswell. And after couple of minutes I recieved txt it was dispatched :O
Fantastic deal!
£34.24 at gameseek but that is a band seller on here.
So tempted...been unable to decide between this and Yakuza 0...
28 hours in and i still didn't even get to half of this game's story. So yeah... one of the longest single player games ever.
Moomino5 h, 45 m ago

So tempted...been unable to decide between this and Yakuza 0...

Definitely persona
Now £29.85 get it while you can really can't see it going much lower
1988dave1 h, 45 m ago

Definitely persona

Ended up buying it after the further price drop! hopefully arrive tomorrow
Played at my mates house asked for half an hour I ended up 2 hours. I got hooked on it. So purchased myself
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