Personal Trainer - £3.79

Personal Trainer - £3.79

Found 6th Sep 2008
Ok so nt a real personal trainer however if your waiting for your Wii fit it may be a while but this is great fun too and help you get fit.

Personal Trainer Interative and only £3.79!

From the site.
Got no time? Why not spend 10 mins toning up your arms? Feeling energetic? Why not choose to work all body parts, at the highest level for an hour? In fact there are 96 different combinations, so no chance of getting bored! There's even nutritional advice to complement your workout and you can find out how many calories you'll burn.

1 - Choose the body part you want to work on! (Arms, Tums, Bum or Legs).
2 - Choose the level (1,2,3).
3 - Choose the time you have (Long or Short).

Includes top 10 nutritional tips.

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I think the wii fit will steal this market.
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