Personalised Mug & Wall Calendar worth £22.23 for £3.86 Delivered @ VistaPrint

Personalised Mug & Wall Calendar worth £22.23 for £3.86 Delivered @ VistaPrint

LocalFound 13th Feb 2013
For one lucky person or two? Give as a personalised gift set – or separately!

i just bought the tote bag i posted not long ago for my fiancee as a little gift and then came across this which is another good deal with a small p&p fee the only thing you pay for £3.86 (inc. VAT) includes rather cool Nickelodeon themes.

Just to let ppl know it is time consuming haha putting all the pics on etc but it does look really good.
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I can't see it for free? It says £8.24 plus delivery?
explain more how to do it as i cant find this deal on the vista print site that links to this
well it takes some doing but eventually after u finish the calender u get to delivery and the cheapest option is £3.86...upto 21 day delivery tho. it does say "get it all for free" but we all know that's bull, we have to pay delivery and like i said cheapest option is £3.86 which is what i used.…F=1
When I click on that link it says "get it all for £8.24"

It would have been great for £3.86 including delivery.
Still the same for me.
blegh i dunno what to do, kinda hard to do a step by step guide lol.
1. Choose a Delivery Time**
Express Saver*: 2 Business Days with order tracking - £22.56 (inc. VAT)
Rush+: 3 Business Days with order tracking - £18.05 (inc. VAT)
Priority: 7 Days - £9.79 (inc. VAT)
Standard: 14 Days - £6.37 (inc. VAT)
Slow: 21 Days - £3.86 (inc. VAT)

those are the delivery options, so i chose the cheapest.

this is still working but the tote bag seems to have died
Outcome of a previous calendar was AMAZING. It is time consuming but well worth it! Heat added!
Did it say £8.24 for you then once you checked out it became free?
I don't want to sit and upload the pics if it won't work haha.
no not once did it say that...ive only paid the £3.86.
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