'Personna' Disposable Razors (twin blade+lube) 24 (12x2) for 50p in-store @ Tesco

'Personna' Disposable Razors (twin blade+lube) 24 (12x2) for 50p in-store @ Tesco

Found 10th Jun 2009
As per title.

They come in 2 packs of 12, bound together with a big sticker band that has '£1' all over it.

Alone this would be a pretty good deal (better value per razor than Tesco's cheapest own brand); but they actually scan at 1/2 the advertised price - 50p!

Not tried using them yet, so they might be total crap - but with twin blade+lube how bad can they be!


I would buy 3 packs of plasters and a sewing kit with them ..... will cut your face to ribbons surely ?
Will not give heat or add Ice until been tried and tested

To be honest the 3 blade system sold as tesco own brand are amazing for a shave. I feel they are better than Gillette Mach 3. Certainly going to give this a try. Hot for the price, question mark over the quality.

lol i much prefer the cheap ones hah

I have Tesco 3 blade disposables at the minute and must say they give a great shave, much better than Gillette fusion and on a par with the mach 3

think these may be a bit too cheap to give you a decent shave however
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