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PES 2019 for PS4 for £10.85 Delivered @ Base
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PES 2019 for PS4 for £10.85 Delivered @ Base

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Posted 26th Jun

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Dropped £1 27/06/19

New, fully licensed leagues are coming to PES 2019. Full details to be revealed soon!

The biggest changes to myClub in years. Obtain strong players, play CO-OP or go up against your rivals and compete in PES LEAGUE.
High Performance Players will be introduced to the game. Depending on their performance in last week's match, these players will have boosted stats and possibly new skills for a limited period. Strengthen your squad with these special versions of your favourite players or get introduced to new players that performed well.
Legend Players like Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff, Nedvěd, Gullit, Maldini and Kahn will appear in PES 2019. New Legends will also be introduced later.
PES LEAGUE weekly matches is a new feature coming to myClub!. Compete against other users within your group, featuring a good balance of people to match up with. Your Division and position will fluctuate based on your performance. Various rewards can be obtained if you make it to the top ranking. Get new players, strengthen your squad, play matches and aim for the top!

The drama of the beautiful game, more visible and clearly portrayed through the many different playing styles.
Introduction of 11 new skill traits that will help enhance player uniqueness, including edge turn, no look pass, control loop, dropping shot and rising shot. These new skills increase the total in-game number to 39.
Player individuality has also been taken to the next level, where skills and strengths are more prominent in impact and motion during gameplay.
Dribbling animation and fluidity is now based on variety of factors, such as player and ball positioning along the defensive line, precise feint movements to surpass around the sides and awareness of the close proximity of the opposition while turning.
New shooting mechanics with unique varied animations have been introduced, including motion of the ball slipping past the goalkeeper's outstretched hands, reactions of the attacker who just slighlty missed and more intense/joyful reactions around the goal area.
A significant introduction is Visible Fatigue, which is a reworked, rebalanced stamina system. Players will give clear visual indications when they are tired, with their stamina level impacting how they play. How you manage players during a match and when you make substitutions could be the difference between winning or losing.
Quick substitutions will be available when the ball goes out of play. A simple button press will give you recommended changes based on stamina and position. No need to interupt the gameplay during a tense match!
Improvements have been made to make the movement of the ball more natural and varied. The trajectory of the ball is now based on posture and how the ball was kicked. Also, situations like the ball bouncing off the goalkeeper's body or hitting a defender during a block have more realistic outcomes.
Full body touch introduced last year has been further enhanced. How the ball is controlled depends more on the surrounding situation, allowing for smoother and contexual trapping of the ball.

4K HDR support across all capable platforms. Experience PES 2019's realistic visuals with more clarity and realistic range of colours.
Enlighten software has been used to rework lighting, both natural and stadium based. Stands and pitches will closely mirror their real life counterparts depending on the time of day, bringing a more realistic look and feel to PES 2019.
Snow weather effects have been added. Not only will snow appear in the game, it will also affect gameplay. You will need to plan your strategy and make key choices based on the weather.
The crowd has more details and animations added. Also, you will now be able to hear the excitement from the crowd throughout the stadium like never before!
By focusing on the lastest platforms, a dynamic resolution system has been implemented. See all the on-pitch with more detail and clarity.
(Copyright in the Enlighten is owned by or licensed to Geomerics Limited.)

Pre-season featuring the International Champions Cup, improved negotiation for transfers and more licensed leagues. These 3 key changes will make you feel more like an actual manager.
Take part in the International Champions Cup before the season begins. Find your best 11, determine your strategy and finalise your tactics for the new campaign.
Improved negotiation system and budget management. Added a re-sell and clean sheet options so that strategy is needed not only on the pitch but also with club management.

Release Date: 30 August 2018
Certificate: PEGI 3+ - PEGI Minimum Age 3
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It's this months PS+ game
You can get PES LITE for free and okay MyClub
Thanks, after playing FIFA for all those years will be nice to try something different
It's this months PS+ game
turbobuddah26/06/2019 16:35

It's this months PS+ game

Thanks! I lost the page link from earlier so just came back here to buy it and you've saved me a tenner.
Is this not gonna be free on ps4 in july through ps plus free game
There is an echo in here
Isn't this going to be included with PS+
There is an echo in here
Isn't ps+ going to be included in this?
Also free on Game pass if you have an xbox
There is an echo in here
Makes a mockery of PS+ declared values really
Makes a mockery of PS+ declared values really
Isn’t this on this months Plus?
Don't think it's been mentioned yet, but i believe this is free on PS+ for July.
Dont use the word free! I said this last month when the deals on Sonic Mania were about and getting really hot.
The HUKD Police laid into me with it's the "it's not free if it's part of a paid for subscription" etc etc.
So since they've removed PES from Ps+ it has gone out of stock with these guys. Gutted!!!
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