Pesky blinders cap ..... Reduced from £49.99 to £20 / £23.50 delivered @ Jules B

Pesky blinders cap ..... Reduced from £49.99 to £20 / £23.50 delivered @ Jules B

Found 17th Dec 2017
Shop sells good quality clothes. This is much better than ones in Debenhams at full price at same price.
Shop tells me to phone up branch and arrange to collect if I wish. Saves the postage. They have only 3 branches though but good service offered in Jesmond, Newcastle shop.
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Looks more peaky than Pesky
Edited by: "Jimboggg" 17th Dec 2017
£12 in Mole Avon if you have one nearby, picked my son one up last week.
"Peaky" surely?
I prefer a cap with a peak, rather than a pesk
Pesky or Peaky ? ?


RadioGuy1 m ago

"Peaky" surely?

Nah, not even grandad peaky would wear this
Do they have the razor blades sewn into the peak then ??
PennyTrader17th Dec 2017

Pesky or Peaky ? 🤔[Image]

Depends on who you ask. Android spell checker will convert peaky to pesky as it' that annoyingly stupid. So the Op probably hadnt spotted that his android tablet did the auto correct and shafted him like it always shafts me!

£5.50 on Aliexpress if you don't mind waiting for delivery
now that's genius, take a 3 for £10 market flat cap, associate it with a popular series, up the price to astronomical, bring back down to merely orbital & claim it's a good deal.
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