Pet Cooling Mat at B&M for £4.99

Pet Cooling Mat at B&M for £4.99

Found 12th May 2016
Cooling mat found at B&M yesterday for £4.99. Only small (60x44cm) but similar sized ones cost £12.99 in Argos so seemed like a bargain to me. Great for hot weather & worked well for my lab last night. Must say I wouldn't leave her alone with them for long coz, although they have a non-toxic gel filling, she's a chewer so would probably tear them to bits!
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good find op, heat added

good find op, heat added

​Thank you - my lab certainly liked them and meant she didn't wake me up panting in my ear at 2.30am again!
Just from reading the concerns in the OP would deter me from buying on of these. That is if my common sense hadn't kicked in first.The gel filling may be non toxic but think of the mess after it has been dog chewed.
What hope do humans have if it gets so hot that a dog needs a heatsink.
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Absolutely mustard deal. Does this work on hot dogs?
Agree with u re concern over gel and I have ordered a Hyperkewl brand one that has no filling (£30 for size I need!) but I'll be using these B&M ones for my lab when she's not alone (and supervised!)
I have this and even keep it in the freezer sometimes, it's great and he doesn't chew it, I wouldn't leave him unattended though just incase but great value
I'm hoping my lab learns not to even try to eat it - may be good for humans too though (at least they wouldn't consider snacking on it!)
a paddling pools cheaper
Can't use a paddling pool on my bed though (yes, I know I shouldn't really allow my dog to sleep on the bed with me - sorry!)
I know people have concerns about them being chewed but I have one that I only use for the car as I don't have air con and it's amazing. I did three hours of driving on both Monday and Tuesday and my dog was.quite happy lying on this, well worth the money.
Great giff! Must say I wouldn't be as concerned about gel filling if my lab wasn't a 1 year old chewer! The mats did withstand her few attempts to make a hole in them so they seem pretty sturdy and not too much gel in them so the majority of dogs would probably be fine.
Glad to see you've done a lab test. Do you think you could also perform a cat scan?
Was a very thorough lab test. U could do cat scan too but just no where near my lab!
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