Pet vacations/booster jabs £15 @ Pets at Home

Pet vacations/booster jabs £15 @ Pets at Home

Found 10th Mar 2014
Pets at home tritton Road, Lincoln.
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Pets4vets £100 for life

As above, better deal in the long run.

Vacations?? Or vaccinations?? ;-)

do they do chimpanzees?


do they do chimpanzees?

Yes there even cheaper they charged me peanuts for mine

wonder if they empty **** glands..


wonder if they empty **** glands..

Most dog groomers will empty **** glands for £10 (or there abouts), try ringing around local groomers for prices.

I think this is a good deal. I have 5 retired greyhounds (I volunteer for a greyhound rescue) - the youngest is 9 and the eldest is 14 years old. As much as I love my dogs, it would be pointless getting the vets4pets £100 vaccinations for life. We have a pets@home 2 mins away and it would be better than BOGOF as my vet charges approx £32 each dog.

It is really easy to drain **** glands - ask your vet or groomer to show you how
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