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free animal stickers
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
free animal stickers
you just need to fill out the information and also you don't need to enter your mobile number
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I mean, free stuff is... free stuff. I don't personally agree with the PETA cause nor do I agree with Vegans in general but if you must be a vegan then who am I to judge?


I ordered them in my name although she's 14 I don't want her details / data getting farmed out to who knows where whatever their data protection policies are or in fact seeing something disturbing. She's got a whole lifetime of spam / junk mail to look forward to when she's older...I don't want to be the initiator of that :| The world's changed a lot since I was her age in the 80's and an impressionable 14 year old rebelling against the system and sending off for anti-vivisection material in the post, which was shocking! Although sadly, much of that continues today.


No need to throw your toys out of the pram oO I have no idea how old her daughter is , she might be grown up for all I know, but the fact remains that peta use some strong images of animal abuse in their marketing and if you were just expecting stickers for a child I thought it best to mention it. For your info I didn't vote on your deal either way, so my comment hasn't had any bearing on it for you personally.


can someone delete this post please I expired it but nothing happened


I'm pretty sure she will check it before giving to her daughter for ffs I'm going to delete this post you guys will just complain about anything

Free PETA stickers.
Found 22nd May 2015Found 22nd May 2015
Free PETA stickers.
Free stickers & leaflets. Took 10 days to arrive for me :)
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Haven't PETA been killing off animals in their care?


PETA are trying to get a pub near me to change their name from "the fighting cocks" to "the clever cocks" so they can remove the association with a bloodsport. Forget the history and heritage of the area then...


oh nice. I wonder if these domestic terrorists have one about killing animals they are supposed to care for in their shelters.


not really something I want to associate with if they lodge complaints against farmers who swear near sheep


P.eople E.ating T.asty A.nimals

Found 19th Nov 2014Found 19th Nov 2014
Love free stickers and animals? You’re at the right place! Fill out the form below to order yourself some peta2 stickers and info on helping animals. And if you can’t wait for thes… Read more

Yea but youre getting free stickers, you dont have to go on the streets and protest or something. You cant really go wrong just applying for a freebie


got to agree. PETA really is one of the worst organisations you can support (Hmmm, suppose there's ISIS and all that, but still - you get my drift)


I love animals which is why I hate Peta. :)


People Eat Tasty Animals Penn & Teller Bullsh!t - PETA

Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals (good for veg eaters)
Found 20th Jun 2010Found 20th Jun 2010
Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals (good for veg eaters)
Thread Stats Views: 2,127 WW Factor Coming Soon... Share This Thread: Share Fill out the form to receive free stickers and a free "Vegetarian Starter Kit" (dnt read if you lov… Read more

The problem with Peta is they are they care more about the mistreatment of ants than they do about some starving child in a third world country, I do respect their work their positive non illegal work just not dousing people with paint.


Agreed, I've been vegetarian for 6 six years and wouldn't trust PETA with my details


PETA are a bunch of extremist freaks. They invaded my son's school and brought TV cameras with them, with no permission from the school. It was completely illegal. They barged in dressed in animal costumes and handed out grotesque "happy family" cards. One of them told my son that his acne was totally due to him drinking milk, and told him to drink soya milk only (high in estrogen, GREAT advice for a teenage boy NOT). They also murder a LOT of animals. These are not people to get involved with. They started out with good intentions but they are now a bunch of extemist lunatics.

Thank you 4 this:thumbsup:

Free Peta 2 Mixtape
Found 21st May 2010Found 21st May 2010
Free Peta 2 Mixtape
There's nothing like a good mixtape (or should I say mix CD? iTunes playlist?) to set the mood for your summer! One of my favorite things about going to summer festivals like Warpe… Read more
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Such as supporting ]terrorists?


Fair enough...looks like they shouldn't take in animals but stick to their lobby activities.


Google, it's your friend...


A bold to explain?


Peta are a bunch of animal murdering nutters, there's no way I'm signing up to a marketing email encouraging me to donate money to there marketing machine and filling there deep pockets in the process /rant.

Free Peta Stickers
Found 17th Nov 2009Found 17th Nov 2009
Free Peta Stickers
Let the world know that you don't wear any fur, leather, wool, or exotic skins by proudly displaying our "Fake for the Animals' Sake" stickers. And the best part is that they're fr… Read more
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Sorry to say I'm an omnivore & that includes eating MEAT....leather is a by product of that industry....also most reasonable alternatives to leather are by products of the petrochemical industry.......lesser of what evils ?


Don't most of the animals "rescued" by Peta end up being killed?? They are a Complete waste of time!!


PETA fund terrorists and their activity such as ]Rod Coronado. So voted cold.


...what? :thinking:


Peta, might aswell go for the BNP too

Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Found 1st Feb 2009Found 1st Feb 2009
Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Fill out the form below to receive tons of free stickers and a free copy of peta2's Woof! DVD, featuring footage of Rise Against, Andy from Fall Out Boy, Silverstein, hellogoodbye,… Read more
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i saw that video too, twas very upsetting :( i have tried vegetarianism but its not for me, i however buy only kosher meats/food ( i'm not Jewish) :thumbsup:


The end of that with the pigs made me feel sick. Absolutely disgusting.


thanks, should make for a good thriller all though I doubt it will convert me :D


I just watched the video 'Free Me' on that website. it's horrific content, I wept throughout, but I felt that i owed it to those animals to keep watching. I'm not an activist by any means, I stumbled across this page which led me there, but I cannot believe that this is still allowed to happen in this country. Thanks for the link to the freebie, lets hope plenty take it on and learn a little more about where their food actually comes from, and how we can help animals.

Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Found 16th Jul 2008Found 16th Jul 2008
Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals Fill out the form on the website to receive tons of free stickers, a free copy of peta2s High Fives & Stage Dives DVD, and one … Read more

Thanks, I'm not a veggie but it will be intersting reading for my children. Good for opening minds.


Not for me either,can,t beat steak and chips,or a juicy pork chop! :whistling::whistling::whistling:


Thanks :)

Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Found 5th Mar 2008Found 5th Mar 2008
Free Stickers, DVD, and Info on Helping Animals
Fill out the form below to receive tons of free stickers and a free copy of peta2s High Fives & Stage Dives DVD, featuring footage of Death Cab For Cutie, Le Tigre, The Used, R… Read more
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Not really sure why this is cold, I bet most of the people who voted cold still signed up purely for the freebies.


Thanks :)


Wow, great bands! Voted hot...unlike everyone else