Pete Tong Presents Ibiza Classics - Live this December 2016 £50 @ See Tickets

Pete Tong Presents Ibiza Classics - Live this December 2016 £50 @ See Tickets

Found 2nd Nov 2016
I wanted to go and see this show but originally there was only London listed and it was sold out. Pete has now added a date in Manchester and Birmingham and tickets are still available.

All the Ibiza classics performed live by the Heritage Orchestra and with a little help from confirmed guest singers such as Candi Staton, Jessie Ware and John Newman.

Should be a brilliant evening!
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reminds me of hooked on classics
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reminds me of hooked on classics

I watched the last concert on YouTube last week. Turned the soundbar and sub up. It was an excellent concert. Totally different. Genius.
This and the Hacienda classical are just wrong. Middle aged Guardian readers trying to convince a younger generation this was and is cool.

Imagine raving to this stuff back in 88/88 and thinking in 20 years this will sound great in the Albert Hall as a prom.

(from a middle aged non-newspaper reading ex-young person)
Sorry, but seems a bit much to me.

Is it the same sort of thing they done with I think it was Ministry Of Sound old house music at the Albert Hall, London a year or so ago as I'm sure I only paid about £20 for that (would not have been more than £30)?
If you've not heard this you really should. It's brilliant, and I'm not a fan of Pete Tong, truth be told.
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