peter kay: special kay 7.99 @play.com
peter kay: special kay 7.99 @play.com

peter kay: special kay 7.99 @play.com

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i was going to buy this at christmas but it was 15.99 at christmas!! glad I didnt now!!!


Its rubbish not funny at all keep your money in your pocket :x


horrendous cash-in

shocking cash in hasnt done any new standup material since bolton albert hall

Same old stuff, on every DVD he releases, brilliant 6yrs ago /5 dvds ago.

I'll settle for watching phoenix nights again:)

why does peter kay keep releasing awful out of date dvd's?

It's just a compilation of what he has done during his career that wasn't featured on his other DVD's - even some of the stuff that has appeared is in there too!

I used to really enjoy Peter Kays stuff and have found his DVD in amongst my stocking fillers every xmas. It's sad to say that this DVD smacks of laziness and him cashing in on the success of his earlier stuff.

Don't waste your money!

I guess you are all humourless southerners then!


I guess you are all humourless southerners then!

nothing to do with being humourless, phoneix nights, max and paddy and his stand up is brilliant, very funny but this dvd and the other one he released "that peter kay thing" were just cash in's of his early stuff and not in the least bit funny

that peter kay thing is complete genius, as good as phoenix nights, although i agree that his special dvd is a bit of a cynical xmas cash grabbing oportunity, i long for the day he does stad up again and prove us all wrong, his xfactor thing was poor too i just hope he aint lost it!
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