Peter Mcdougall Collection: 5dvd only £6.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

Peter Mcdougall Collection: 5dvd only £6.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco!

Found 5th Oct 2008
Peter McDougall has played a huge role in Scotland's television history. His controversial and gritty dramas, written for the BBC, spawned a whole new era in regional programming and have been a profound influence on many modern playwrights and actors. Three of these plays were screened in the 1970s as part of BBC's Play For Today series. Down Among The Big Boys is a more recent tale from the 90's Screen One series. Four timeless classic dramas in one great package.

Just Another Saturday: Glasgow on the day of the Orange Walk, Jon Morrison is the eager baton twirling parade leader, gradually coming to terms with the violent truth behind the symbolic pageantry.

The Elephant's Graveyard: Two men spend a day together talking their way through their mutual alienation from the world of employment, but what does the future hold?

Just A Boy's Game: Jake, played by Frankie Miller, lives forever in the shadow of his dying grandfather who was once the hardest man in the town. Despite their hatred of each other, Jake tries to live up to the reputation that is his legacy. One day as Jake drinks, fights and drifts his way through life, a bleak realization dawns...

Down Among The Big Boys: CID officer Louie Gibbons is about to marry Claire Donnelly, daughter of Jo Jo. He believes that Claire's father is a businessman. However, Jo Jo's latest business venture is to rob a local bank - and Louie is put in charge of the investigation.


This is a great boxset, good spot.

I have 3 of these films but great buy for anyone who doesn't own or has seen any of these fantastic film, SUPER HOT:thumbsup:

"Just Another Saturday" also features one of the first TV appearances of Billy Connolly before anyone had ever heard of him, playing the hero's best mate.
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