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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 - now £1,399 from Peter Tyson Online
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Had to post this up as I bought one of these on release at £1,999. The nearest thing to a Hi-Fi, without having a ‘proper’ hi-fi. Cannot stress how good these are

This is a deal for a select group of HUKDers. Heat added massive saving on a interesting speaker.


They sound amazing but unfortunately people sometimes vote on opinion, not the deal!


I’ve posted a deal(my first) for an A9 a couple of weeks ago for 1124£ and it got really cold. I have no regrets buying after doing a fair amount of research but have no clue why my deal got voted down.


Cool looking item, big fan of B&O products though typically out of my price range! My mates dad one the football pools in the early 90's and bought a load of their gear and how amazing it was feature wise & looks stuck with me for life.


When I was 17 my dream speakers were Quad Electrostatics. Now 40 odd years later I've just checked the current price, about £8,000!! Still a dream :( These seem almost a bargain in comparison.

Bose QC 35 II Noise cancelling Wireless Headphones Black/Silver - Free 1 Day Delivery - 3 Year Warranty! Only £265 @ PeterTyson
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Absolutely fantastic price for these headphones. Not only the cheapest price from a UK retailer they also come with a 3 year guarantee! Free next day postage including weekends i… Read more
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Also worth mentioning got 0% APR over 4 months with PayPal for them.


Received my pair yesterday. Connected to LG tv over Bluetooth without issue. Amazing sound quality and noise cancellation.


As someone who did into a shop and actually tried both , then ended up with the Sony’s - I disagree.


Nope just the one, they only have specific models on the wired sets I think.


Will never use any other headphones on flights, turn on noise cancelling and go to sleep, won't hear the plane that much.

Yamaha YSP-1600 Soundbar 5.1 All-in-One Soundbar £199.90 at Peter Tyson
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Excellent Deal from PeterTyson, The Cheapest is £320 from Currys and that's in their Clearance section! Even the Refurb is more expensive on the peter tyson website. Originally £5… Read more
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thanks for the help guys so for a newbie - would you say samsung hw-ms650 would be best bet to get? dont mind paying more if it means getting the best value for money


The Samsung SWA-9000S wireless rear speakers can be found much cheaper than the sonos. The sonos ones are so overkill, and hence expansive, for being just rear speakers. I don't understand why people are actively choosing that setup.


been trying to read about this sound bar most of the day and now recall from a while ago that you ideally need a clutter free room with this perfectly positioned centrally regarding walls etc so the 'surround' can bounce off the walls correctly, and curtains etc can mess up the effect also. my room is really not ideal so sadly I am not going to waste money on this soundbar! ;(


Possibly, but if you are thinking of spending more for the Samsung then you may as well consider the Sonos Beam, which will allow you to add a coupe of Sonos One as wireless rear speakers to get the full surround sound effect rather than pseudo surround.


Bought this Yamaha sound bar about 2 years ago for near £300 and it has been excellent - highly recommended!! Good room filling (pseudo-surround) sound without the clutter and wiring complexity of speakers everywhere.

Onkyo vc-px30 smart speaker “Alexa” £49 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Just ordered myself another one of these, I’ve already got one and I’m pretty impressed with it. For this price delivered I think it’s a bit of a steal

Bush and Sony?? It's like choosing a Ford over a Lanborghini. Guys, Onkyo is a premium brand, whereas Sony and Bush are not.


Showing as out of stock and can be ordered on back order. Not sure if they'll restock them?


Just walk away !! (unicorn)


I don't think harltzer was.


Onkyo unknown! These are the same people who buy Morphy Richard instead of Miele because they know a ‘Richard’, good lad!

Kef R50 DOLBY ATMOS upfiring speakers £379 @ Peter Tyson - £600RRP
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Even cheaper than the £420 deal i posted a few months back, little gutted now haha Comes in black and gloss white. Model: R50 • Design: Closed box • Drive Units: Uni-Q driver arr… Read more

Thanks very much, that's pretty much what I was hoping. It's an odd shaped room so won't be going all out. 3D never really got me excited but pronounced surround audio thrills me every time (rear volume is always pushed on my set up, sod the subtleties) The Atmos thing interests me because of the way it is supposed to adapt to your set up, rather than simple set channels sent individually to individual speakers, to what extent we shall see, but it'll take a bit more to get me to hack holes in the ceiling... who knows in the future though!


This advice is based on not being able to use ceiling mounted speakers. The upward firing mode can produce limited results hence my advice to experiment with surplus speakers before you purchase. The use of another pair of W9.0's may well work. Since upward firing speakers rely on reflected sound many factors come into play such as room size, room shape, room acoustics and finally listener position. Also take into account any slight echo / reverb in the room which can completely ruin up-firing speaker sound. So to answer the big question "is Atmos worth it" the answer is yes if correctly setup. Be-aware also that Atmos is usually only available in 4k UHD format making it more expensive. Also Atmos material is still fairly limited however it is gradually expanding. To sum up. Experiment with the Atmos setup with some standard speakers before investing large amounts. If up-firing doesn't produce results use the test speakers in a 7.1 setup. (y) Hope this helps...


I was about to ask if there are any vaguely decent upward firing speaker pairs for a budget price, so this is gold dust. I'm about to go Atmos and currently have 5.1 Wharfedales (2x9.1 front, 9.0cc, 2x9.0 rear and sw150) so another pair of 9.0 angled (maybe positioned on top of the 9.1s?) are just are fine if I don't want to waste money (as in pick anything of a higher audio standard when the rest won't come near) and I'm not going to do the ceiling mounted? Hope that makes sense. If in doubt just nod and agree. I'm going on the assumption that the Atmos processing is worth trying before just adding two side positioned speakers to make 7.1 - or is Atmos the gimmick? The Denon AVR lets you choose either. I'm hoping Atmos will be preferable as two sides kind of start to clutter the place!


Can I connect 2 channels of my 7.1 system to upward firing


So someone decided to point speakers at ceiling and that is clever how exactly? The way they describe “firing at ceiling”and “vertical accent” makes me Lol So if I advertise a pair of speakers with “curve aspect capability” that means I can hear them around corners yes? Amazing technology these days ,add a couple of zeros and people will buy owt

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Denon DM41DAB Hi-Fi with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers £349.90 @ Peter Tyson
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
This deal went to 446 degrees back in September when it was £30 more so I thought I'd paste it in as it might help some people... Thanks to the original deal poster (I've copied h… Read more

I replaced my aging Sony amp with this one and it sound fantastic. Is a CD player that important when this amp offers bluetooth connectivity?


For this system, the Q Acoustics 3010 Speakers package looks good value for £249.90 !


Not a great amp, rather they lost the CD player and made it a 2x50w


have a previous version of this combo and it sounds very good. Also, speakers are front firing, so you can put them close to the wall. Because Peter Tyson are official distributor for Marantz / Denon and Monitor Audio, they always have great package deals. As an example, a few months ago they had Marantz NR1608 with MA 5.1 system and once you took speaker price off, the receiver was £50, instead of £350 if bought on its own. if you know what you want, just keep an eye on their prices.


The Monitor Bronze 2 are quite good speaker to have on their own because they've got a good range thanks to the large mie/bass driver. I have Bronze 6 as front speakers, bronze centre, these as side speakers and some bronze fx speakers as surround. Using a Denon 2400 it sounds fantastic to me.

Pioneer XDP-30R (inc Free Case) Hi-Res  Personal Audio Player £189.90 Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Normally priced £300+ in most stores and this include a free case ! A great little DAP, I own one myself for trips and short stays. Some of the features include: 16gb int storage… Read more

It does mention Google Play in the description so it must be running some version of Android.


Wonder how it compares to the Astell & Kern. Anyone tried them both?


Can you save tracks offline from Spotify?


Does it have spofifyb

Yamaha RX-V481D AV Receiver Amplifier £249.90 @ Peter Tyson
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Just saw this in the clearance section when checking the price of the marantz I bought

that’s a really good question. Perhaps it would have been just as good. Not sure the margin was 100 pounds but I would hope it sounds better as it seemed to get better reviews.


So tempting, my HK AVR171 doesn't pass 4K even though its meant to from all the reviews and I've only found this out after buying an Xbox One X and having to obtain DTS via an optical lead from the console, not chuffed!


What do you get for the extra £100 over the RX-V481D?


Just bought this one.


Call me cynical but it is to try an force you to buy your whole system from them. Preferably all at the same time from the matching range.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless NC headphones at Peter Tyson for £269
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
£269 at Peter Tyson, £10 cheaper than yesterday, available in Black/Silver also includes a 3yr warranty!

Thanks guys


AKG Y50 or Marshall Major 2 are probably your best options if you want under 100. forget the Sony XB950 someone suggested as those are truely awful,poor quality headphones.(I bought and returned immediately). if you want lots of bass and listen to dance,pop music Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is great optionfor around 90-100.


No just the google assistant button.other than that,identical


Agree. Bose is MUCH more comfortable,and has MUCH better build quality than Sony. the Sony XM2 is prone to breaking hinge,due to poorly designed plastic hinges,and Sony warranty refuses to repair that for free.(hundreds of complaints if you google). Sony gets hot and uncomfortable after 1+ hour,Bose is extremely comfortable. the sound quality is subjective,both similar but I really didn’t like sound quality of XM2.


Sorry, never used them before. They're based in Hong Kong so unless they use a local forwarder, you may be hit with import duties, you'll also have to factor in shipping times. Drop them a message or give them a ring.

Sonos Playbase at Peter Tyson for £549
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Sonos PLAYBASE is an all-encompassing sound and music streaming speaker for TVs on stands and furniture, it's low profile design blends in perfectly and delivers sound you just can… Read more
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I'll just place this here:


Sorry for the late reply (and if it has already been answered) yes it links to my Sony TV remote so that works the volume for the whole setup. The TV volume indicator doesn't count correctly though sometimes.


A full Sonus 5.1 is over £1.5k so yes would get you a better sound for half that. Your money go spend ;) In the words on Duncan Banatyne "I'm oooout!" Haha


Colin gets what I was getting at. Source bitrate etc is great but if pumped through an inferior amp / set of speakers will sound worse regardless. That said I’m sure there are 5.1 systems that are better and can compete at similar £ point but for some people (myself included) sonos will tick a lot more boxes


You’ve at least made a critical point there with ‘decent’ 5.1 system. That’s not what was said earlier. My old 5.1 system was crap. My 3.1 is way better. This Sonos is 10x better than that. The Playbase can form part of a wireless, Alexa/mobile controlled, all in 1 music/movie 5.1 system. Yes, it gets expensive to add the one’s and the Sub but it is an Amazing Sound.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II £279 @  Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
£279 with free deliveryfrom Peter Tyson, £10 cheaper than Amazon & JL and you get a 3yr warranty, available in Silver & Black. Good deal if you missed the one ear… Read more

This is where I got mine last year. You can collect on return so can keep as a gift or get someone else to get them for you if not travelling yourself.


No, RRP is 329 so the price is inclusive of discount. Cheaper on and not sure how much delivery is


wasnt this £250 on amazon uk just now, after u use the checkout £40 promotion?


Paid £211 for mine last time ebay were doing 20% off


Airport Dixons if you’re flying this week.

Marantz PM6006 & CD6006 UK Edition Bundle - £599 @ Peter Tyson
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Marantz PM6006 & CD6006 UK Edition Bundle, Good Price for a 5 star award winning package.

I have the PM6006 but don't really understand the UK Edition label? If I don't have the UK Edition amp would the addition of the UK Edn CD player give an ugly mix? Ditto IF I have the UK Edn Amp ( don't think I do but :/ ) do I net the UK Edn CD need to get the UK Edn CD Player to avoid complexities? (skeptical) Or if I lived in Spain would I see the same Edition stuff there and maybe even the same units? (skeptical)


I have purchased 3 times from Richer Sounds this year and although each time it was purchase in store only on their site, ringing the store they were happy to send by courier.


Yeah Richer sounds is a the same price, but I think the warranty is better at Peter tyson, also you can only buy in store at richer, so more hassle if you don't live close to a store. Where as with this you can sit in the comfort of your own home and wait for it to be delivered.


a very warm welcome newbie.have some heat :)


Think the CD player is £299 at Richer Sounds where you can get a 6 year warranty which is normally refunded at the end if not used.

Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Earbuds £145 @ Peter Tyson
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Have been looking and keeping an eye out on these for a while now. This is the cheapest I have seen them. This is even cheaper than buying a refurb set from the Bose store. Great… Read more
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I jumped with the word "Free" in the title...and settled down with the price tag..... (popcorn)


Save your money and get a pair of RHA's.


I know, they told me they haven't had any customer returns either which makes it stranger (if true). To be fair to them though, their support has been really good. They were going to send a courier to replace it but, as they're out of stock at the moment (and I don't really want to wait for them to be in stock or the hassle of waiting in for a courier) they've given me a partial refund instead.


I received mine the next day and they were brand new and shrink wrapped. Definitely sounds odd.


I recieved mine today but they don't appear to be brand new (no shrink wrap, an ear piece has been opened and the battery is flat). My guess is that I've been sent a customer return. I've complained to them so we'll see what they come back with.

Denon AVR-2500H AV Receiver with Q Acoustics 3010i Cinema Pack £999.90 Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Seems like a decent price. Its £90 cheaper than it was yesterday. I've added a pair of Onkyo Dolby Atmos speakers for an additional £110. This is my first post on here so hopefully… Read more

Cheapest price for the Denon 2500h is £429.


£350 ...typo.. I think have seen at this price recently .. can't see at present Denon2400 was on for £300 at RS not much difference.. 250 would be my personal crunch price.


Can you show me where to get the receiver for £250 please?


Cold ... Amp 350quid .. 3020's were 100quid a pair... So 300-350 for 5. These are 3010s.. Then subwoofer.. can get nice for remaining price


Maybe they are waiting until Black Friday.

Marantz NR1508 AV Receiver £249.90 delivered and 3 year warranty £249.90  @ peter tyson
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Excellent slim AV receiver with great connectivity for £249.90 in black or silver colour Key Features 5-channel discrete power amplifier, 85 W per channel 4K/60 Hz full-ra… Read more

Ordered one in silver. I couldn’t make my mind up between this, the Pioneer VSX933 or Sony Strdn1080. In the end, I decided that the significant cost savings for this would outweigh any additional benefits I might get from the other two. Plus the Marantz has Alexa Integration. Great find OP. Cheers.


Any budget stereo speaker sugestions to go with this?


I wonder how something like this would fare as a stereo preamp, feeding into a higher quality stereo power amp. I'm long done with surround, sold off all my extra speakers, etc, but stereo amps with HDMI inputs are rare (and come at a premium). It would be nice to have the convenience of all the digital processing and a great selection of inputs, but then feed that into something with a bit more finesse on the audio side... Trouble is the last Marantz product I bought died within months with a handful of hour's usage, I seriously doubt their build quality these days...


Stereo only look at something like the Yamaha R-N303D/402D/602


The Denon AVRX 2400 has 8 in of which 7 are 4k and 2 out but i think only 1 is 4k but not sure it is currently available for £299 on richer sounds link

Denon AVRX2500H AV Receiver with Free Amazon Echo Dot and 5 year warranty - £429 @ Peter Tyson
Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Latest model, cheapest it's been so far. I did post a deal previously for £439 but this includes a 5 year warranty and is cheaper. I'm still yet to bite as I'm tempted by the AVRX3… Read more

The Sony was £380 a few weeks back using the eBay codes through Hughes eBay store. Might be worth waiting for the next eBay voucher if your after the Sony.


The avr 2400 has been reduced at richersounds in their blackfriday to £299 but instore only. Hoping Peter Tyson price match online. Still waiting for their blackfriday deals. Fed up of seeing the black friday price promises on all these sites. I'm not going to buy something and then maybe get some money back if its reduced. I'd rather wait and see what the best deals are.


Back at this price again and in stock. This or the Sony STR-DN1080? Both at £429... :/


I got the x3400h from Peter Tyson for £529 with 5 years warranty. Excellent kit, which replaced my Onkyo TX-SR608 now on Ebay :).


Yea I'd usually go by a few independent sites for a proper review but has got a very good write up!

Yamaha RX-S601 £249.90 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Slimline receiver. not seen this slimline model cheaper. With HDCP 2.2 with passthrough, it has full support for 4k HDR content. Supports Musicast. Other receivers out there a… Read more

its a good price for this model, but you will get similar spec for similar price between now and xmas so probably sensible to wait. Unless you need this compact size. Its less common. Only these, a marantz and a pioneer that are this size at close to this money. If you can get a full size receiver no need to rush to buy imo.


Ok I have the harman Karden hkts 9bq 5.1 delivered last week. It did say March 2019 delivery, but came earlier nevertheless. I’m no audiophile just wanted decent speakers for my TV. Question is do I buy this or wait for cheaper deals on Black Friday/ Boxing Day. I’m moving house in December anyway so not eager to set up.


Does anyone know of any deal on quality speaker cables atm?


Optical is quite restrictive of audio formats, if you're OK with that it's a reasonable solution but using the amp to switch, for me is a cleaner solution with only network, power & 1 HDMI cable going to TV instead of loads, esp with wall mounting that & audio problems makes the difference. Plus it's one less place for audio to be delayed or dirtied with processing it from digital to optical sending to the amp, converting back to digital, processing & output it adds extra stages where audiophiles & some others may turn their nose up. Nothing wrong with doing that if you're happy with it but with 7.1/7.2/5.2/Atmos etc it's not a flexible solution. I'm looking to replace my RS-V1067 soon as it lacks 4K support but can't decide what to go for


If you’re not noticing any lip sync issues then don’t worry about it. Otherwise just try adjusting audio delay until sound syncs with the picture.

Marantz SR7012 atmos Av receiver with free amazon echo dot, hdmi cable and 5 year warranty £899 with code @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
Hi end receiver for a great price. Has all the bells and whistles. Deal link has all the full specs. 5 year warranty during October. Use code SAVE100 to get £100 off. It's a de… Read more

So many wants. So little pounds. :-(


I'm not bothered about Thx certification. Even though I have top end Thx certified home cinema speakers. apart from Onkyo, it doesn't seem like any of the other top av receiver brands are too. But each to their own.


So you have to buy Onkyo? Great :/


Perhaps you should tell Onkyo then who still list their higher products, or Denon who claim their products meet the spec but won't pay for it ?


THX? That's not even a thing nowadays. All the high end receivers don't even have THX certification. I don't recall the last time I saw a THX certified Blu-Ray. Or speaker. Or cinema. Or...anything?