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LG 10kg F4J610WS TurboWash Washing Machine In White - £399 @ Peter Tyson
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Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
At the moment, this seems like the best price for this model. Free delivery to certain areas... Check before ordering. Free Local Delivery Service (Cumbria, SW Scotland and NE Engl… Read more

Came here looking for this comment was not dissapointed xD


showing £599 now, expired?


Great washing machine, highly recommend. We purchased one three weeks ago for £399 from


Let me know if that works as I'd be interested as well!


Wow, great price for amazing machine. Hot from me

Samsung RS68N8240B1 617L Free Standing Double Door American style Fridge-Freezer £1249 @ Peter Tyson Appliances
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Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Samsung RS68N8240B1 617L Free Standing Double Door American style Fridge-Freezer £1249 @ Peter Tyson Appliances£1,249 Free P&P Free
Decent deal from Peter Tyson Appliances on this black Samsung RS68N8240B1 American style Fridge-Freezer. Currys and John Lewis both would price match. You can shave even more if yo… Read more



Looks black


Does the black stainless finish look black or dark grey? Thanks


Looks like there was mistake and PTA were selling older RS68N8230B1 model and not RS68N8240B1. Happy as I had Currys delivery yesterday 8)


Link doesn't seem to be working?

Miele WCE320 Pwash 2.0 Washing Machine with FREE Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner - £999 @ Peter Tyson Appliances
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Posted 21st Jan 2019Posted 21st Jan 2019
Miele WCE320 Pwash 2.0 Washing Machine with FREE Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner - £999 @ Peter Tyson Appliances£999
First post so be gentle guys! Just spotted this via Peter Tyson. Free £200 vacuum cleaner can never be bad! 10 year warranty included & no doubt will be the usual Miele build… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

True, LG are a decent middle of the road. Bosch and Electrolux group machines are ok too. I still wouldn't suggest anyone bought one if they can go for a Miele though personally. Granted the Miele I have is now considered small at 7kg but I managed to get it with cashback and a voucher code for a smidge under £500 and if it does last the 20 years they claim to test for at average use I believe they do represent the best value for money for most people. It is pretty basic but for me features like steam refresh and direct drive motors represent marketing and nothing else. I personally also avoid large drums and very fast spins. As you have experienced it takes a serious toll on drum bearings. Some of the cheap Vestel machines are rated for 600 cycles - you could easily bang through that in 2 years so perhaps have as many as 10 in the time the Miele is designed to last. That would likely be an outlay of close to £2000 in the long run and then there is the environmental concern of 'disposable' appliances. To each his own but I like appliances that last.


You make some excellent points, however you have completely overlooked LG as a credible contender. They have a 20 year track record in the UK for exceptional reliability, robust build quality and longevity and all for a great value for money price. In a recent Which? survey they were voted the No 1 brand for reliability at 94% surpassing even Miele. Furthermore LG washers are festooned with advanced features resulting in excellent cleaning performance, class leading energy efficiency and whisper quiet performance. I'm on my 3rd LG washer. The last two gave 9 years each of daily trouble free use. In both cases it was the bearings wore out. If I can get a decade's worth of great, trouble free performance from a £400 washing machine with a 9KG drum capacity, coupled with a stylish user friendly interface, the extra cost of a Miele to me does not represent value for money.


As someone said it does seem to be a throw of the dice with washing machines and it does seem that in general things are on a downward spiral in terms of quality. The likes of Miele and Asko are the only well made machines on the market and even then Miele now have sealed tubs so if you have problem their it is pretty much uneconomical to repair. I do think you stand a far better chance of a machine lasting well if you buy quality but obviously some people get lucky with a cheapie and I am glad they do. We generate a heck of a lot of washing and a year or so ago I bought a cheap used machine I saw advertised on Facebook. It is 15+ year old Hotpoint and I am stunned how good it is. It honestly washes better than our 3 year old Miele. I purely put this down to the fact it is from before a time that energy saving was a big deal and it use lots of water to wash. You can see the water in the machine unlike the Miele which just appears to tumble damp clothes around for hours on end. If and when the Miele breaks I shall replace it with another old Hotpoint. They are super simple to repair too!


I have this machine bought on Black Friday with 10 year warranty for £899 delivered and installed (Miele price, price - matched by local dealer). Very happy with it, very versatile wash settings, very good cleaning results and exceptionally quiet spin. I also have a cat and dog vacuum (no pets but it was a gift) since 2004 still going strong (although the tool compartment hinge has broken)


Blimey - which model and what went wrong?

LG washing machine, 8.5kg & 1400 spin, free delivery (most UK) and 2 year warranty. £388
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Posted 20th Mar 2018Posted 20th Mar 2018
LG washing machine, 8.5kg & 1400 spin, free delivery (most UK) and 2 year warranty. £388£388
This seems a decent price for a 8.5kg 1400 spin LG machine. John Lewis have it for £529 with free delivery and 2 year warranty but may price match?

Just got this for 314 you might aswel expire this deal


You must have the limited edition Seven Nation Army version! 😁😁


Guarantees aside, LG washing machines are statistically far more reliable than Samsung, so pretty academic. On a which survey LG were the No 1 brand for reliability scoring 94% outclassing even Miele! Also check out the manufacturer information on the UK White Goods website. It too has some very telling information on the reliability of the two brands.


£41 for an extra half kilo load capacity.


John Lewis has dropped it to £389 too

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Sage Nespresso Creatista Creatista Coffee Machine @ Peter Tyson - £270
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Sage Nespresso Creatista Creatista Coffee Machine @ Peter Tyson - £270£270
Had my eye on one of these for a while. Was really after the Plus model which has a slightly more precise calibration and looks great in stainless steel, but at £270 I can live wit… Read more

I really hope you enjoy this machine. I've had the Latissima for a long time and I just found the Nespresso model of capsules too expensive. I've now purchased a bean to cup to try. Good luck c

Sage The Barista Express - the best price iv seen £439 @ Peter tyson
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Posted 22nd Nov 2017Posted 22nd Nov 2017
Sage The Barista Express - the best price iv seen £439 @ Peter tyson£439£4492%
Sage Barista Express Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel This is the cheapest i have managed to find this machine. Have heard nothing but good reviews. still trying to … Read more

recommend me a good grinder please - and a machine whilst you're there :) budget 300-400


yes it does


The JL version does include a £20 milk jug, so they are probably right. However Lakeland will happily price match Peter Tyson (you'll need to order via phone - if you use chat or email, you'll still have to phone to place the order). Lakeland also offer a 3 year no ifs, no buts guarantee for free!


John Lewis are getting very canny (some might say sneaky ) about this sort of thing.


JL won't price match this - slightly different model number.