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BMW M140i Shadow Edition 5dr Auto - £338 per month, £998 deposit (48 month PCP, 8k mpa) £17,222 at Peter Vardy BMW Edinburgh
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Absolutely outstanding deal for a 37k flying machine. If 48 month sounds too long to you don't worry because under the Consumer Credit Act you can voluntary terminate the deal and … Read more

Obviously. I was talking about the finance element.


Thats not what pre-registering is.


Care to find me a rwd car that is refined and can do 0-60 in under 4.6s and is a straight 6 like this? Oh yeah and for less money than this?


It's the b58 engine. You lease a m sport trim. I shouldn't even bother answering this.


Many manufacturers make ugly cars. Especially uf they've been around a long time. The 1 series is not my cup of tea but BMW coupes aren't ugly.

2018 New Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport PETER VARDY - £14990 @ Peter Vardy
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
This is AUTOEXPRESSfamily car of the year 2018 Delivery Mileage 18 Plate Insignia Grand Sport 1.5T Cash Price: £14,990 OR £499 Deposit £219 Per Month 5.9% APR Finance ALSO I… Read more

Post Brexit ? Post Brexit where ? Prob post to DWP for jobseekers because Opel won’t bail Vauxhall out if it’s proven Vauxhall knew of the fire faults and done nowt, between massive fines and legal action from owners, insurance companies there will be pot Brexit - F all left or of a U.K. company no one wants to buy as a whole with them liabilities. Like U.K., NHS and your human rights it will all be broken up and sold off (excited) At least I have a chance in Scotland :)


Prob his cheap Android short circuited the whole car, cheap tat, hope it was reliable sources item as well his car insurance direct debit may have bounced after the spyware cleared his bank account - and it ain’t cheap to sue Vauxhall etc for faulty designs, esp when you have to prove it’s a design fault (they know of internally) (excited)


Couldn’t you just have threw them some of your dirty bath water ?


Lol u are not made from sugar. Do not worry u wont melt (lol)


I wish I could afford the bus but with huge fairs, long walks and waiting in the rain... I will stick with car.

Jaguar XF R-Sport 2.0D [180] Auto @ £289 per month Lease
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Initial Payment:: £289 Monthly Rentals:: £289 Annual Mileage:: 5,000 Excess Mileage:: 13.08ppm Duration of Agreement:: 24 Months So my rough maths makes this... 5000 miles pe… Read more
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What's even worse is if you look at the amount of miles the younger (17 to 24) do the least at an average 4K year. Now pondering is the correlation onwards and upwards by age :(


And weirdly.based on that research 1 in 6 drivers drive less than 3000 miles. Omg


Cold deal but i gave hot on the detail you gave, miles options is really nice touch.


I'll stick to reality Bertie. You stick to arbitrary figures from White Papers.


No read above - your own advice is to use an arbitrary figure to deduce if to drive a diesel - city driving is type but not solely what you keep replicating. i.e. as above as you seem to have already forgotten: "You have seen me quote not to drive a diesel if one drives 8k or 10k or 12k miles per annum" And there we go stretching something that is not a fact. The fact is a filter has an expected lifespan on a continuous scale, this will have a mean and a deviation. The manufacturers have solely released the minimal expected lifespan this is fact. The white papers before their introduction into the viability gave £250K as the mean, that is a fact it is an individual published white paper funded by the EU and was what was published prior to their requirement in implementation. What the manufacturers have implemented themselves is not known and the only guidance the manufacturers have given is the minimal expected product life neither the mean and or the deviation. They have been very specific in doing so. The deduction to typical is from that point where you are confusing fact with individual occurrences discussed in forums without the number or deviation being available anywhere or released by the manufacturers. The only bit that is typical here is you confusing those occurrences and leaping to them being fact without the data to support it. Just says it all really doesn't it although not in your favour.

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Jaguar XE R Sport £319 month or XF R Sport £329 month PCH, 1 x 23 payments - Total cost £7656
Found 10th Apr 2017Found 10th Apr 2017
XF Personal Contract Hire Quotation Initial Payment:: £329.88 Monthly Rentals:: £329.88 Annual Mileage:: 5,000 Excess Mileage:: 13.08ppm Duration of Agreement:: 24 Months Annual … Read more
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Nope, funnily enough Peter Vardy did not call back when they said they would, so I got annoyed and didn't bother. I have been looking at the new Mustang now, but unsure what to go for. Like you, not alot of price quotes have stood out to me recently. Hope you get a good deal!


Did ever go and see the car? I have tried a few price quotes and they have not come close, so will be going on to see about one on Sunday.


Your right better to have a Jag badge to impress the neighbours than a Ford badge but mpg is still a massive problem on all cars.


Sorry I didn't know you had to stick just to the title, It was just my opinion on people buying diesels in general. Shock horror someone is now mentioning VW on a jaguar xe r sport diesel leasing site !! Ban them


I'd gladly buy a Japanese car, however I do a lot of long travel and they I doubt any Japanese car can give ride comfort and luxury like a flagship Mercedes Benz.

Vauxhall Viva 66 plate pre reg 5 door £6995 (£5995 with scrappage allowance)  peter vardy
Found 29th Nov 2016Found 29th Nov 2016
Bargain for a decent spec small 5 door car
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We've been conned by QE for years. Yes all that QE made us appear to be doing great, so great in fact that taxes were going down, the national debt was going down and more services were in the pipeline..oh wait. Anyway, we're here now so so I guess we all find out one way or another. :)


Apparently a lot of people who felt 'left behind' or were 'just about managing' voted for Brexit. Good luck then with the new post-Brexit reality that's about to engulf you. You're about to become 'left way behinds' and 'just can't manage any mores'. Or maybe they believed Nigel Garage's rallying cry about 'fighting for The Little Man'. I do hope these people have now spotted that Nige has gone back to his old day job of being a stockbroker and that his chief financial backer trousered £220 million as a result of betting on Brexit. Ever felt like you've been conned? Oh, and about the EU not doing so great. Well maybe it isn't but WE were doing well, very well actually, in fact better than we had done for decades and surely that's more important, especially if you're going to wrap yourself up in The Union Jack and claim to love your country?


Not everyone voted in the referendum based on finance, Of course the EU is doing great isn't it?


Yep. I'm 100% with you on this. I recently bought a 16 plate car, not because I needed one but because in a year's time, I reckon it will be at least 10% more expensive and because of inflation I'll be that much poorer. I also bought one with the absolute minimum running costs because fuel is set to rocket. I really don't understand the views of people that even now still believe voting for Brexit was the smart thing to do. The £ is already substantially down and likely to crater even further whatever happens with Article 50. Inflation is already with us; I'm already seeing this at Aldi & Lidl. We're retuning to the days of bad money where inflation outstrips what you can get in interest on your savings. And for what? We're already set for £122 billion in lost growth. It looks very much like we'll continue to pay into the EU for access to the single market. Everyone already here will have the right to stay here and the bulk EU law will simply be enshrined in English law! How is that a win?? I find it deeply ironic that people who make such an emotionally incontinent display of 'loving their country' are the very people that are going be responsible for damaging it beyond repair. So sad when, for the first time I'm my living memory that the country was actually doing okay relative to our peers.


Au Contraire. After Brexit , the pound will get stronger and be worth more and so will buy more and prices will go down.. The con is that we have to wait two years to get out of the Evil EU , and instead of paying money into the EU political ideal hole, the Government will be able to spend the money here , where they want and that includes the NHS !

65 Plate Vauxhall Antara 2.2 Diesel Exclusive £13995 (£21,650 list) Up to £6K interest free finance. @ Peter Vardy
Found 17th Oct 2015Found 17th Oct 2015
Not sure how this will go down but this is a hell of a big car for the money. Not the best reviews, not the best economy but this is a full size SUV for Super Mini pricing. You can… Read more
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As far as I can tell I seem to be averaging about 42MPG, I am happy with that for a 2000kg car, especially as over the half of the miles were at shall we say at a brisk pace down the motorway. ;) Should get better as the engine loosens up over the next few thousand miles. I am sure now most of the horror stories have been from short journey driving.


Nope, my mate's company Merc A200 diesel is the same - EU6 variants take a lot longer to warm up than their EU5 predecessors. The current EU6 compliant VW TDI engines are not under suspicion - the EU5 ones are affected, like those seen on MK6 Golfs or my old 2011 Scircco 170TDI. My GTD took a lot longer to warm up than the Scirocco. One of my mates has a 2011 A4 2.0TDI 136ps (they squeezed it into the £30 tax disc bracket at that output) and he got his recall notice yesterday. Outside gridlocked cities NOx disperses quite quickly, i'd be more concerned with getting the old pre-DPF diesels off the road. Saying that, my Golf R's tailpipes get quite sooty whereas the wife's A1 1.6TDI has an immaculately clean tailpipe - guess which one is throwing out more particulates?


Excellent deal for the vehicle compared to rival offers on the market


Maybe that is peculiar to Volkswagen because they are to busy warming up the emission fiddle electronics.


Perhaps slightly older diesels, the most up to date ones take a long time to warm up in comparison as the heat generated by the engine is being diverted to warming up the DPF as quickly as possible, especially EU6 compliant ones. My Scirocco 170TDI warmed up much quicker than my MK7 GTD - at least 8 miles in the summer before my oil was up to 90C on the GTD, 10 miles in the winter.

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Corsa for £7999 @ petervardy
Found 9th Oct 2013Found 9th Oct 2013
This deal seems to be everywhere online right now, I keep seeing it - having looked around it does appear to be cheaper than Arnold Clark, Evans Halshaw and Pentagon. So welldone t… Read more

Cheapest is not always best, does everyone buy the cheapest mobile phone and tariff? I prefer 20 mpg and £270 tax.

Astec123 As has been said, this is cheaper


What about the £7496 one that was posted earlier?


Yes you're right the corsa is a "cheap" car. I prefer something inexpensive myself. Heated as if you're buying this model anyway then why pay more?

The Vauxhall ADAM for £33.99 per week from Peter Vardys!
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
I've been looking around for a cheap city car for my daughter for ages now and think I might have finally found something that she AND my wallet might like!! We went and saw one … Read more
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Vauxhall is atrocious period. Tried to tell me that my brake calipers seizing after 10K miles was down to dirt & debris picked up from the road![/quote] Having driven an Insignia for three years and now an Astra GTC, I can only offer praise to the Vauxhall dealer network. Cartainly as good, if not better than my experience in the past with Audi or VW.


Vauxhall is atrocious period. Tried to tell me that my brake calipers seizing after 10K miles was down to dirt & debris picked up from the road!


Residual values for Vauxhall are atrocious and this model is not likely to be any better.


I think you are correct that the title is wrong but it should be the total payable, like a phone contract. Also, the site shows that the "3 months" is 11 weekly payments not 13 therefore your average is out by a small margin.


or 36.99 for 5 years with a £1000 px allowance and £750 deposit and the cars yours??

Car Service from £49.99 in Scotland with Peter Vardy
Found 21st Oct 2012Found 21st Oct 2012
Peter Vardy are offering a car service - £49.99 for petrol or £59.99 for diesel cars on Facebook. Saving 44% on the usual service cost. Seems like a bargain, especially since Kwik … Read more

Surely this applies to any garage. You are always at the mercy of conmen in the motor trade unless you are best buddies with the mechanic, or you are mechanically savvy. I am mechanically savvy so I am happy to get a good deal on the oil and filter change, and the stamp in the book, so works for me. I sound like some sort of apologist for Peter Vardy, but to be fair, I have used the Motherwell branch for 4 MOT tests over past 12 months and experienced absolutely no grief, and a very professional service. However, would I buy a car from them? Absolutely no chance. No prices on adverts, or car windscreens in showroom, only an array of absolutely bamboozling figures. Bought a few Vauxhalls over the past few years, Peter Vardy were never able to compete with Evans Halshaw and Arnold Clark when it came to the nitty gritty of the deal.


these deals are ok but there is a lot of checking and then a lot of extra charges as they convince you unnessacary works need doing.


Yes you are correct. I'll be paying £69.99, as quoted in the offer, for the wife's 4 year old DIESEL Corsa. Seems okay to me as you get the service book stamped. Just had both our cars MOT tested for £19.50 each. Both passed no bother. No attempt to offer quote to repair on the couple of advisories on my 9 year-old car. I generally do my own servicing when car is out of warranty period. This offer is worth it due to cost of oil and service book stamp. Plan to sell the wife's Corsa sometime soon, so service history can help to get a few quid more for the car.


wouldn't trust my car with them, you will almost certainly pay more than the £49.00


Great word 'from'. I wonder how many people would actually get this for £49.99? The Facebook site links you to this page - if you get a courtesy car too for £49.99 this is a great deal.

BMW 116 ED just £268 Per Month 3.9% from Peter Vardy BMW
Found 4th Sep 2012Found 4th Sep 2012
Been looking around for an efficient little diesel which I decent to drive and the 116 ED is coming out on top at every hurdle. Looking at the Scottish BMW dealers, Peter Vardy i… Read more
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Well when I purchased the 1 series (both new - 1 in 2006 116i and 1 in 2008 revised 116i), on paper the petrol engines should have been quite economical but that just wasn't the case and was the only thing I could say that I wasn't impressed with. Yeah I've had diesels since then, currently a 530d


I've owned a couple of petrol 1 series, both were fun cars to drive - excellent handling and good driving position, but the fuel economy was terrible. Then I forgot about fuel and i've owned two 5 series since :)


Would you care to share what your sense dictates what is better value for money then or are you just going to make a ridiculous statement, with no justification?


I've owned two 1 Series' before and now own a 1 year old 3 Series Coupe. Better looking? Yes I guess so but it comes at a higher price. It will cost more than a new 1 series and because of the weight and chassis size a smaller engine will be gutless in a 3 series chassis, where as it will be perfectly fine in a 1 series one. More comfortable/more room? The seats are actually the same part numbers on both. Yes the cabin is smaller but its a totally different market - one (the 3 Series) is a family saloon/sports coupe. The other (1 Series) is a hatchback.


Hideous to drive as well. A one year old 3 series is a far better buy. Better looking, more comfortable, better handling, more room and it doesn't look like it's been shunted from behind.....

Corsa 1.0 S from Peter Vardy only £29.99 p/w or £129/month
Found 24th Aug 2012Found 24th Aug 2012
Peter Vardy's have emailed me again, this time about the new 62 Plate offers. The Corsa 1.0 looks like a brilliant deal with No Deposit and it sounds like they have free insurance … Read more

Funny that the vardy family is all religious nuts but when it comes to money they don't mind selling their soul to Satan! COLD


I think these are great deals - again if you meet their conditions (I'm sure it is the Vauxhall Partners companies you have the work or know someone who works for them) Also when I inquired about these deals it is only if want that car, no upgrades, no changes at all. I couldn't trade in a car that still had finance on it either. Then it went straight onto their not 0% finance. In the end I ended up at Evans Halshaw and got the car I wanted all in for less. Some of my workmates have bought Peter's cars and swear by it has been said before - a good deal if you can get it. Assuming there are around 17 weeks left the car works out at £158.31 per month over the 5 years (5years = 260weeks 17weeks@£29.99 = £509.83 243weeks@£36.99 = £8988.57 Total Price = £9498.40 --------------------------------- Payable over 60 months = £158.31) Arnold Clark (from OP £8995@0% = £149.92 per month Trade-in your old car an Evans Halshaw works out at £127.08 per month - (I think they need the partners thing too though) Peter's and Arnold Clark will be different dependent on trade in though cos Evans Halshaw list the car at £11,625 with a £4000 min trade-in


My Antie went to get this deal last year on a 61 plate, She needed to work for a certain company and have a few other T&C's. I would recommend calling them to go through the whole issue. It was actually a pain and nowhere near the same as the price advertised. She ended up buying one from Arnold Clark on finance and It worked out much cheaper than Peter Vardy.


can you explain please as i thought it was a good deal but not sure now oO


Luckily there is still plenty of easy pray for them

Astra 1.7 Diesel Sports Tourer £12499 @ Peter Vardy
Found 1st Jun 2012Found 1st Jun 2012
Vardy's have just emailed me about yet another huge UK exclusive offer. The Astra with a list price of £20,000 is for sale with delivery mileage at 38% off. Following my own quick… Read more
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Think probably you are right. Profile


And it'll cost you far more han the 10K quoted to get it anywhere near the spec of the Astra.


Probably the 109BHP made by Isuzu, rather than the 123BHP. Getting on a bit in terms of design and refinment so I read. Best avoided new and as above there will be extras, wait a year and they'll be sub 9K with 12K on the clock.


Or any Vauxhall, ..(_;)


Huh? You do lots of miles, therefore no problems. The post was about people buying diesels just to drive to the shops or take the kids to school a mile down the road.

Nearly New Corsa for £7997 from Peter Vardy
Found 5th Dec 2011Found 5th Dec 2011
I posted a Corsa deal from Peter Vardy a few weeks ago because it sounded so good, but then I got an email about this Corsa. Its got Alloy Wheels AND Heated Seats! The spec is high… Read more
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They've done this for a while with other cars. When you go in it is 'from' this price which turns out to be higher mileage cars.


SIR Peter Vardy's son, Reg Vardy's grandson.


LOL name me one person who has ever paid over 15K for a 1.4 Corsa


Less than half price. Great deal.


Carbon dioxide emissions (g/km): 138 Not the best but could be better for a small hatchback

Brand new Corsa S for £29.99 per week from Peter Vardy
Found 28th Oct 2011Found 28th Oct 2011
This looks like one of the cheapest New Corsa deals around at the moment. Beats the other main dealers by a fair bit. The price appears to include the "loyalty discount" but even … Read more
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What makes this a misleading post? I have just read the terms and conditions and it certainly is available.


Misleading post, this car is not available @ £29.99 per week.


not too bad ? oO it's £300 for doing no more than they would for FREE for 48 months finance


stranger things have happened. just wondering are there any more of these types of dealers that deliver nationwide? been looking at carquake,drive the deals, motorpoint, but the actual dealers in the first two, bump up the price by loads when you make contact (you have to upgrade metallic paint, the basic model isnt in stock etc etc)


Yes but is not too bad ,over 5 yrs it makes it £1.60p a week extra .:|

Vauxhall Astra SRi Sporthatch 1.6 SRi brand new £8999 @ petervardy
Found 16th Sep 2011Found 16th Sep 2011
Astra SRi Sporthatch 1.6 SRi The UK's best Astra deals. Save over £9000 on cost new! This amazing offer on a brand new Astra Sportshatch 1.6 SRi gives you incredible specificati… Read more

What do you drive and how old is it?


Almost every other car manufacturer on this planet.


Any idea what the scrappy pays for a car just now? Can't be a lot less than £150. My current car is even older, R-reg Seat Ibiza. I bought it new from Anderson Cars (yes, I know).


Compared to what exactly?


Went to the Aberdeen dealership today and funnily enough it's not quite what it seems........ the lowest offer I got was £10674, this was taking off all the extra insurance, paint protection etc costs but included £700 delivery charge ,mats -£35, admin fee £? and £495 for Metalic paint. It also included partner discount ( Unison ) and a measly £150 trade in for my Y reg Fiesta ( some may say a good offer? ). The £8999 price would be applicable if I had a Vauxhall to trade in I believe, there was a mention of an extra £1000 due to this I think but it was a bit confusing to tell you the truth? Did a test drive of the Design 1.6 model which has the same engine I believe and its an inoffensive easy car to drive, nothing to thrilling but would do the job well enough. Usual "what price would make you do a deal today sir?" but walked way to think it over..... £9999 may be ok but I may be being hoodwinked! Oh to mention this was a 5 year 0% offer, around £220 a month if I recall, no prints out of the deal I'm afraid.. J

Vauxhall Meriva Life - From £6,499 @ Peter Vardy (with Swappage & Vauxhall Partners scheme)
Found 31st Oct 2010Found 31st Oct 2010
If you missed the scrappage, take a look at this. Meriva 1.4i Life The UK's best deals, thanks to Peter Vardy Vauxhall! From Only £6,499* Or Just £32 a Week! Free lifetime warra… Read more
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Got one of these for my father in law - got it without finance, cash deal (+ road tax) - all in all a stonking bargain for someone who likes Merivas (my FIL). Brand new 60 plate (first owner) full Vx warranty etc.


Reading small print, the lifetime 100000 mile warranty is dependant on the finance (EDIT - its the 3 years free servicing, not the warranty) Not a deal breaker for me but may be for others.


Yeah, downhill in neutral maybe.


Looks like a cracking deal. Especially with the 'lifetime' warranty.


Thought this would be useful for some. Also, reading the small print, the scrappage car needs to be owned by you for 90 days or more. Iain at Peter Vardy: Hello, How may I help you? You: Hi - what is required to obtain a Meriva at 6499? You: Sounds too good to be true Iain at Peter Vardy: it includes swappage and partners You: So is it dependent on the value of the part-ex vehicle? Iain at Peter Vardy: you must have a car 7 years or older You: of any value? Iain at Peter Vardy: if it 7 years or olderr then you qualify also you must qualify for partners scheme You: what are the qualification criteria? Iain at Peter Vardy: you or a family member must work for GM or certain large UK companies or be a member of Unison You: Ah, so HM Forces not likely to be eligible. Iain at Peter Vardy: you would qualify then You: So literally, 7 year old car in part-ex of any value, and the fact that I'm HM Forces would be sufficient for me to purchase a Meriva for 6499 in cash? Is that owned outright or lease scheme? You: Sorry for the scepticism - it seems like a very good deal. Iain at Peter Vardy: thats ok you would qualify for that price where do you live You: Near Dundee. Iain at Peter Vardy: your closet branch is Perth You: Is that owned outright or is it a lease scheme? Iain at Peter Vardy: you can finance it various ways You: But I could just pay cash, bring a 7 year old car in part ex and pay 6499 or is the price conditional on a finance scheme? Iain at Peter Vardy: no but if you want a metallic colour it would be 549 more You: sorry - what was the no in respect of? Iain at Peter Vardy: what do you mean You: OK, can I purchase this car for 6499 cash + 7 year old part-ex? Or is it dependent on a finance scheme? Iain at Peter Vardy: yes you can no finance required You: ok, thank you! Iain at Peter Vardy: your welcome

09 Plate Vauxhall Insignia S 4door from £8999.00 @ PeterVardy
Found 22nd Jun 2010Found 22nd Jun 2010
The specification of this vehicle includes: Air Conditioning Leather-covered Steering Wheel Cruise Control CD with MP3-input Electric Windows Heated Door Mirrors

If you want a people carrier then I would recommend one of the Toyota's. I have had 4 Yaris' in the last six years. Customer service from dealer and manufacturer is superb. When I purchased my new one at the end of march I cheekily wrote a letter to Toyota asking for either the 30000 miles free servicing or the 5 year warranty that I heard on the radio a few days after taking delivery. Got a phone call from the dealer within a few days asking which one I would like. They didn't even have to offer any as I purchased mine before the offer kicked in. I would certainly recommend Toyota to anyone. A 7 seat toyota will certainly be my wifes next car now after the Vauxhall shananigans.


oil leaks electrical problems they catch fire........the list goes on and on


Thanks for that. I had been considering buying a Zafira - they get good reviews too!


Vauxhall as a manufacturers customer service is also abysmal. My wife has a Zafira. Rust has appeared on the boot after just over 3 years old. They have agreed to repair it if I have an anti-corrosion inspection done at the cost of £40+vat. This is although the inspection was done in years 1 and 2 of its life and they only need to be done every 2 years anyway (according to the warranty book) so shouldn't need to be done until 4 years old. Wrote a letter to Vauxhall (UK) and they said the area managers decision is final. I will never buy vauxhall again.


whilst my vectra was in for some work i sat in one of the new insignias, seemed very cramped to me dunno how clarkson got in one..

Brand New Corsa Sxi 3 door £6499 with scrappage & * save £5936 @ Peter Vardy
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Gonna buy one of these - what an amazing price........the old Punto is a gonna ;-) Brand New Corsa SXi Scrappage price from only £6499!!! Non Scrappage price from only £8499!!! … Read more
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Was considering but they have banged £500 onto the price :x


£500 notes. The wife wasn't fussed about A/C so it wasn't an issue.


There is indeed, but it isn't the one in this so called offer.;-)


Ahhh okay - *******s :) I assume having AC would add a large amount to the £6499 in which case this isn't exactly a great deal.


Like the Club Kiltox there is an sxi (a/c) version as well so your not way off :thumbsup:

Astra 1.4 with Air Con £7499 scrappage, £8999 without @ Peter Vardy
Found 9th Nov 2009Found 9th Nov 2009
59 Plate Astra Hatchback 5dr Scrappage Offer From Only £7,499 SAVING YOU £8866!!! NON SCRAPPAGE PRICE £8999!!! No Deposit, Nothing to Pay Till 2010! Save your money for christma… Read more
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is their scrappage deal on 10+ years? my car was registered in March 01 (Y reg). I know some places are dong scrappage on years and older.


That explains it, I thought they were a bit too cheap!


I phoned them up about those pre-registered ones. They didn't exist - they were a mistake on their system (or least they said - even though I pointed out that autotrader also had links to the cars...) - they were the fleet cars the sales guys were now all driving round in; which had arrived in September. The guy actually laughed at me on the phone and said there was absolutely no chance they would be selling pre-registered Astra's at that price to the public


Evans Halsaw briefly offered the same car for £7750 cash (no scrappage) but I think they have sold out now.


I could quite believe it with that attitude!