Petit Chebre goat's cheese @ LIDL £1.00

Petit Chebre goat's cheese @ LIDL £1.00

Found 7th Jun 2013
Right I can't really remember the price but ISTR it was about £1 half price. Just munching some with baguette & a wee glass of red wine and it is all you expect of goat's cheese - only half the normal supermarket price.

Get in quick as I guess it changes price by Monday.
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This has been on offer at £1.39 for the last couple of weeks. Really excellent goats cheese!
Thanks J90
Hi Squillion, nice find.

You might like to edit your title to Petit Chebra as, at the moment, you appear to have melded Chebra with Chevre.

p.s this is a really very nice cheese which I will pick up over the weekend, whilst I'm picking up the coconut milk that they have on offer, unless the HUKD crowd have picked the shelves clean.

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Normally 97p (In Lidl France) but it's good so hot.
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I'll look out for this one. Cheese is one of my weaknesses...... :-/
moorish cheese very very nice
Yum pearl barley Rissoto finished with goats cheese!!
Great find, thanks! So great to make a quick something for unexpected guests!

I usually have square puff pastry sheets in my freezer, I take out a couple, put on a baking tray, put a dash of sweet chilli sauce in the middle, then a 3/4 inch slice of goats cheese on top, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and into the oven for 10-15 minutes (or until pastry is golden yellow). And it's done!
All of my friends liked it very much so far

Yum pearl barley Rissoto finished with goats cheese!!

Ooh, care to post that recipe?
Was given one of these the other day and being a BIG cheese fan, I was amazed at how good it was. Heat added.
Just back from Lidl in Crowthorne and the cheese is priced at £1.99, its normal price!!
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£1.39 in our branch.
If you've ever owned goats, you'll probably realise that goat's cheese tastes like how a goat smells, a goats odour is not that great. Goat's cheese makes me feel sick. However there are people that for some reason like it.
It tastes sort of sharp-ish but is very pleasant & cheesy, nothing goaty about it in terms of smelling like a goat.
price in cardiff is £1.39 from £1.99 not at a £1 as stated
what is on offer is jalapeno houmous 300gram for £1 very spicy nice bite to it normally make my own houmous but havent tried jalapeno houmous before really spicy and good weight 300gram
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Just munching some with baguette & a wee glass of red wine.

Try it with a Sauvignon blanc. Much better IMO.
Still a good deal if you can find a Lidl
we bought some recently, it's well within its date and looks fine, but tastes very strongly like BLUE CHEESE, i.e. nothing like the little round Goat's cheese in rind (like Brie) which we have been buying from Co-op and Sainsbury's. Will never buy Petit Chebra again - gross. Or could we have got a faulty one? Not prepared to risk it again . . .
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Lidl's Petit chevre goat's cheese is divine - I could eat the whole lot in one go! Dot your next pizza with it - superb!
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