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Purrshire Felt Cat Stool House - £9.74 @ Pet Planet (+£4.99 P&P)
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Half price cat bed free delivery over £39
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Save some cash and just put a empty box out


The saddest thing I’ve ever seen is a man indirectly comparing his own house to a cheap cat toy.


Cat tanks are the best :D


Can also get cat caves, cat lounges and cat condos


I believe you're liking your own posts. That's one of the saddest things I've even seen.

Rat & Ferret Cage £159.99 Pet Planet - free delivery
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
I've been shopping around for a rat cage for a few weeks, so have done a lot of comparing. Anywhere else, a similar cage to this is in the region of £300. (e.g. Amazon, Pets At Hom… Read more

Haha all my rats barrel towards the door when I come over, they always think I've got treats (lol) They're amazing little creatures, but their short lives aren't for everyone. Yeah that's an issue with a fair few cages, my cage included. But you can build a Perspex tray that'll keep most of the substrate in, makes cleaning up a little easier.


I thought ferrets were kept down the trousers?


Definitely an upside when you have awkward rats as well who will climb to the furthest point away from the door. I miss having rats (fierce) <3 Only downside I can see to this cage is the amount of substrate that will without fail be kicked out the sides.


Nice one. I will keep my ferret Farage in one and my rat Trump in the other.


Ah yes my mistake, looks like I was thinking of the adventura very similar cage but only one side opens. Looks like a good buy then, having both doors open is a life saver and definitely makes cleaning it out much easier

4 Way Cat flap £3.99 / £8.98 delivered @ Pet planet
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
I've been looking for a basic cat flap to put in a door between the very cold conservatory and the warm house ready for the winter months. I found this today. It's got good revie… Read more

I have a standard size Cat Mate, 2 way locking catflap currently fitted. Has anybody replaced a Cat Mate one with this make of cat flap - just wondering if I need to make more holes in my UPVC door or if the holes will match up so no more drilling to be done? Thank you.


4 way! That's nasty!


Pops up with extra 5% off if you hover


4 way cat flap, wow does it propell kitty into another dimension??


Thank you 😁

House of Paws large memory foam dog bed £22.75 with code at Pet Planet
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
House of Paws large memory foam dog bed £22.75 with code at Pet Planet
Large House of Paws dog bed reduced from £64.99 to £32.99 then an extra 30% off using code BRIGHT30 bringing the price down to £22.75. Also 5% quidco for new customers. Delivery … Read more

Doesn't look very big, more like small (lol)

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Doggo Beds - Half Price e.g Barkshire Corner Pet Sofa Large £19.99 / £24.98 delivered @ Pet planet
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Doggo Beds - Half Price e.g Barkshire Corner Pet Sofa Large £19.99 / £24.98 delivered @ Pet planet
Corner beds for doggos are now half price! If you hang around on the page for a few minutes you might also get a 5% code. -- This fabulous corner Dog Bed will ensure your best fr… Read more
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Anyone know of any voucher codes please? (Missed the 5% one!)


I think my cat would love this! :3

Get your Cat Scratcher here £9.99 @ petplanet
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
Get your Cat Scratcher here £9.99 @ petplanet
Made from durable, corrugated cardboard with a wood veneer finish, it is a sleek and neutral design that will fit in with your home décor and you will like that the dense cardboard… Read more

The Cat Scratch Lounger! is the real deal Accept no substitute !!!!!


Absolute rubbish don’t waste your money, my kitty demolished one of these in less than an hour (_;)




Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium With Free Cabinet £349 petplanet
Found 21st Apr 2016Found 21st Apr 2016
Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium With Free Cabinet £349 petplanet
This Juwel Rio 180 tank comes with the free stand included. It is offered at this price at most retailers this month as the offer is a manufacturer directly from Juwel. The free … Read more

Never said it wasn't a deal price (and hence no hot or cold given) basically just stating that the stand is not technically free compared to prices you can get the tank alone at. Try your local aquarium specialists too. Arkpets will probably have their usual bag of sand and started kit chemicals making it a fractionally better deal I guess. I've had a Rio 180 for a long time, eventually the crossbar snaps but the tank works fine without them. The filters are dead easy to remove, don't know what the other chap is talking about. In fact with all the Juwels I've had they detach 'themselves' and you never quite get around to sticking some sealant dabs to stick it back down again. Mainly as it easier to clean when you can remove them. Not sure why I'd want thicker glass either unless it helps keep the heat in to save money.


Most large garden centres now sell these aquariums for around £160-£170 and the stands to match at £70-£80, i paid £249 for mine with stand, the aquaverse uses 8mm glass compared to 6mm on the juwel rio. also you are not stuck with the large in built corner filter as with the rio range, the filter can be removed but it is not easy. With stand and delivery £249 Aquarium here Stand here Note.the stand i think has the same surface area as the rio 180 stand, so if you still want the rio 180 aquarium this cound be a cheaper option for a suitable stand.


This was the best bargain for a large aquarium and stand


​Hi Tank on its own is currently discounted at seapets it states that on the page link you included. But with the stand its the same price as above. It is a manufacturer offer as stated and anywhere you look for the same tank and stand you will currently pay no less than £349. If you can find a deal that beats that please let me know and I'll cancel my current order and re-order elsewhere. Also if anyone is considering ordering from seapets check the reviews as I did hence why I have ordered from elsewhere.


Quick search and first on Google shopping £279 delivered without the 'free cabinet' Or £349 there with the cabinet.

Clearance Sale for All Dog Equipment Some Great Offers @ Pet Planet
Found 22nd Mar 2016Found 22nd Mar 2016
Clearance Sale for All Dog Equipment Some Great Offers @ Pet Planet
Clearance Sale for All Dog Equipment Some Great Offers.... Title says it all really If you have a dog there's some great stuff

​It most certainly would, in fact I am actually a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac, I lay awake all night wondering whether there really is a dog? :-)




in their clearance section




No I married the dog. Ha

Cat activity centre £39.99 @ petplanet
Found 29th Jun 2015Found 29th Jun 2015
Cat activity centre £39.99 @ petplanet
Ordered this the other day for my cat and thought it was a brilliant deal considering the ones in pets at home can be about £100+ for this type of cat activity centre they have loa… Read more
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It's £36 @ Tesco

Hills K/D renal cat food, buy 1.5kg dry food, get 12 pouches wet food free + TCB £12.99 @ Pet Planet
Found 9th May 2015Found 9th May 2015
Hills K/D renal cat food, buy 1.5kg dry food, get 12 pouches wet food free + TCB £12.99 @ Pet Planet
Anyone with a cat with kidney failure will appreciate how hideously expensive their prescription diet becomes (mine rocketed from 40p a day on half a tin of whiskas and some dry fo… Read more

good deal if only I had a cat!

Kingpets Luxury Plush Dog Cat Sofa Bed Sizes S and L £12.44 (Small) delivered @
Found 3rd Dec 2014Found 3rd Dec 2014
Kingpets Luxury Plush Dog Cat Sofa Bed Sizes S and L £12.44 (Small) delivered @
Large size is £23.84 delivered. A reduction of between 58% and 46% off RRP apparently. Fab price if product is as good as it looks! (Only downside would be the cover is non remo… Read more



these will make a great pretend companion


Shame delivery is a fiver else I'd have checked out


I did get one quickly delivered but sent it back NOT because of the quality but because it was too small for my massive hound! They are on the "small" size (although measurements are accurate), and maybe not as "sturdy" as they look in the photo... However, it was great quality stuffing and material and definitely a bargain when you compare it with the stuff they sell at the Pets Retail Chains. If they had an XXL size I would have exchanged it..


Anybody know what the quality is like?

Jack Attack Small Launcher Dog Toy down to £1.27  + P&P at PetPlanet
Found 21st Oct 2014Found 21st Oct 2014
Jack Attack Small Launcher Dog Toy down to £1.27 + P&P at PetPlanet
Lots of other pet toys and accessories reduced in their sale. Free delivery over £39
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Marina Style 160 Tropical Aquarium Set TANK ONLY  RRP: £274.99 NOW: £151.99 delivered by petplanet
Found 27th May 2014Found 27th May 2014
Marina Style 160 Tropical Aquarium Set TANK ONLY RRP: £274.99 NOW: £151.99 delivered by petplanet
Looking for best Aquarium, found this cheap at the moment. The Marina Style Double Light Canopy features special recesses that illuminate when the canopy is switched on. This crea… Read more
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tbh, for the money, its a deal, does what it says on the tin...


Check out the offers on Seapets first as they'll be much better quality BRANDED tanks (this one's not a branded one). I picked up a Fluval Roma 200 at the end of 2013 for £200 (+ Quidco) from a deal posted here - well worth shopping around when it comes to aquariums. Also make sure you research filters, heating etc. A lot of these unbranded ones ship underpowered filters and heaters. I recommend joining a forum as well. is where I started out about 4 years ago and it's a great friendly community and is a great place to as any questions.


I got one of these with the eheim classic plus 2213 filter brought from the same place mentioned by super noob. The cabinet seems roughly like mine so i'm guessing the filter should fit, mine sits nicely. Guess larger canisters will be a tight fit. Really good filter, i only have to do a slight water change every week.


I would agree with this, the stand does the job but its not the best! I bought a wooden sideboard for mine which looks great


I've been using this filter for the past 2 years and it has been very good and keep the water clean. As long as you do weekly water change (around 20%), the filter media will last a good few months before needing a quick wash in the aquarium water that been taken out (NEVER tap water as that will kill the bacteria that break down the aquatics waste).

Wire mesh dog guard 75% off - £7.49 @ petplanet
Found 9th Jan 2014Found 9th Jan 2014
Wire mesh dog guard 75% off - £7.49 @ petplanet
Bargain dog guard reduced to £7.49 from £29.99 petplanet -
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voted hot as seen them on ebay more expensive but please add £2.95 for postage unless you spend over £39 then its free


The stars don't seem to match the reviews :) 3.5/5 stars for something that didn't fit?

Kyjen Hide-A-Toy Gingerbread House Dog Toy £11.99 + £4.99 del *BOGOF* @petplanet
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
Kyjen Hide-A-Toy Gingerbread House Dog Toy £11.99 + £4.99 del *BOGOF* @petplanet
Petplanet have a fairly large range of offers on their Christmas stock, including plenty of BOGOF deals. This plush gingerbread house keeps pets occupied and eliminates boredom. It… Read more

Some of the other BOGOF deals: Christmas water bottle buddies -£2.49 Christmas Fleecy ball -from £1.49 Festive Octopus -£7.19 Invincible Snake Plush -£10.49 Santa Hedgehog plush -from £3.99 Singing Raindeer plush -from £4.11 Reindeer squeaker mat -£10.49 Plush Puppies Christmas Qube -£8.99

75% Off clearance from
Found 2nd Jan 2014Found 2nd Jan 2014
75% Off clearance from
Looks like some good cheap items for the pets in your life! Woof woof.

i see what u mean


never seen it so obvious before!!!!


There are trackers on most links on here, how do think hotukdeals make their money?


is there a tracker on this link?


Do they sell XL muzzles? Was thinking of getting one for the OH if cheap enough.

Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Coat for Dogs  ( from pet planet ) £10.24 plus £4.95 for shipping
Found 22nd Nov 2013Found 22nd Nov 2013
Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Coat for Dogs ( from pet planet ) £10.24 plus £4.95 for shipping
The Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Coat for Dogs is a revolution in the world of keeping your four legged friend cool. Whether it be on a particularly hot day, in the home, garden, … Read more
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i think thats why its that price but think its a good offer if you have a butch Chihuahua lol

Unfortunately only XS - so not for real dogs.

Royal Canine Specialist Dog Food Save up to 21% +£10 when you buy two @
Found 3rd Oct 2013Found 3rd Oct 2013
Royal Canine Specialist Dog Food Save up to 21% +£10 when you buy two @
A great deal on some of the best but normally expensive specialist dog food. For example I normally buy the Labrador 33 12Kg for about £50 per bag (amazon) but here it is availabl… Read more

This is the worst dog food. Junk food. Check the ingredients.


I doubt 12kg of chicken would feed my dog for around 6 weeks like a 14kg bag of dried food does. Monster pet supplies is another good online retailer for dog food thats who we buy our dogs pro plan food from, local pet shops cant even come close in price its crazy.


Well if you went to smithfields you could buy chicken fillet at about £4 per kilo so you're not far out. However these complete meals are formulated to specific needs of certain breeds. I ask my vets advice and they recommend this brand even though they don't stock it.


was going to order but it mainland only that get free delivery


Zooplus have a better deal on free delivery 2kg extra free per bag and discount worked out at £75.42 for two bags with an extra 2kg free per bag !